Vogue Hair Group

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Vogue Hair Group

Vogue Hair Group is an Australian business, based in the Gold Coast, that offers luxurious, high quality, Russian hair extensions. These extensions are ethically sourced from women of all ages in Russia and are thoroughly checked and hygienically treated before construction commences.

We were engaged by Vogue Hair Group to undertake our ‘Brand in a Day’ service as well as build a website. The ‘Brand in a Day’ service included an hour long strategic briefing session and professional logo development. The final artwork was delivered to the client in various formats and colour schemes. The client had a number of objectives for the logo including a clean and classy look that presents elegance and sophistication. The preferred colour scheme included whited, gold, silver and dusty pink. The final design was agreed upon and now features at the top of the new Vogue Hair Group website.

Building the Vogue Hair Group website involved transferring the visual branding and logo created in the ‘Brand in a Day’ service to an online platform. This new website was custom built by The Creative Collective team and included integration with the brand’s Facebook and Instagram profiles. The website also includes a shopping function built with Shopify that includes each of the latest payment functions including Apple Pay and PayPal.

Upon completion, the team created a Google Analytics account for the client so they were able to track and maintain user behaviour on their website in the future. We were delighted to work with Vogue Hair Group to create a sleek and stylish website that is secure, fast and highly customised.