The Owner Builder Club – Social Media Audit + Strategy

The Owner Builder Club – Social Media Audit + Strategy

The Owner Builder Club was founded in Australia in 2018 with the sole intention of helping owner builders simplify the build process. They have 27 years experience dealing with builders and owner builders and understand that becoming an owner builder involves large doses of time, energy and money.

We were engaged by The Owner Builder Club in early 2020 to produce a social media audit and subsequent strategy for the brand. The purpose of the social media audit was to examine the current actions and strategies employed by The Owner Builder Club across their Instagram account. As part of the audit, competitor actions were noted and compared.

From the audit, a number of recommendations and specific strategies were suggested, clarifying the best course of action to improve brand awareness and drive greater conversions from social media. This included updating the bio and link, confirming the brand voice and personality, creating a posting timeline and visual strategy, incorporating hashtags and reaching out to targeted influencers.

The combination of audit and strategy allowed The Owner Builder Club to have a clearer picture of their online position and should influence both their strategic and tactical decision making.

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