Te Vaka Moana

Te Vaka Moana

Te Vaka Moana (TVM) is comprised of fisheries administrations from the Cook Islands, New Zealand, Niue, Samoa, Tonga and Tokelau.
The association was formalised in 2011 by the signing of the ‘Te Vaka Moana Arrangement’. The agreement broadly seeks to strengthen cooperative relationships between the participants to further shared sustainable fisheries resource goals for increased economic benefits, while protecting the contribution that those fisheries resources make to the food security for each of the Participants communities.
Te Vaka Moana required auditing on multiple websites with recommendations on how to progress further. They also required training for development, maintenance and content production techniques. The objective was to more effectively communicate their current work. We did this by:

Performing in-depth website audits
Providing suggestions on their content and how to improve their social media presence.
Providing training in person in New Zealand on best practice for updating websites and best practice for social media for the organisation.
The client were thrilled with the level of details provided in the report and a more cohesive strategy moving forward for the organisation was achieved.

They gained more awareness on how to manage online presence and a survey of participants revealed high satisfaction levels and an appetite for more training

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