Locate Conference

Locate Conference

Locate was the first step to unify the Australasian spatial industry. Before the Locate Conference came into existence in 2014, there were multiple annual spatial national conferences, including [email protected], the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Conference, and the Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards events. Since the unification each year the annual Locate conference have been able to achieve greater overall attendance, embrace the needs of delegates by offering professional and business development workshops, address policy issues for government, across multiple industry sectors and, of course, amplify networking opportunities.

The 2020 Locate Conference was due to be held in Brisbane at the end of May 2020 and The Creative Collective had been working with Alicia Smith (Conference Organiser) and various Locate Board members. Activities which had been performed included:

PR activities — seeking media coverage for the event/speakers etc with many positive pieces achieved
Regular social media posting and boosting
Linkedin Outreach — using with consent chairman Paul Reed’s Linkedin profile, we sought to connect with relevant connections and tell them about the conference
Monthly EDMs from Mailchimp
FB Ads + Google Ads
Due to COVID-19, the difficult decision was made to postpone the 2020 event until March 2021. In May 2020 we helped Locate pivot to take the conference program online to deliver value for the 200 people who have already purchased Locate20 tickets. After workshopping the name ‘Locate Connect’ was settled on and a program budget, program and marketing plan May — October was devised.

Since then we have continued to offer a diverse range of services to promote the online program including:

Posting 2-3 times per week on the Locate channels — Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, with a small $300 boosting budget per month
Setting up Facebook + Linkedin Events for all upcoming events
Conducting outreach on Linkedin + Facebook — seeking to join relevant groups and posting in them to build awareness of the online program, conference and various other initiatives
Running Linkedin ads
Preparing monthly EDMs
Creating custom audiences & remarketing to them
The online conference program has been a great success with attendees finding great value and targets being achieved. The Locate Connect program is also building a larger social media audience + database to launch the Locate Conference which we will recommence marketing in October 2020.

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