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SuperFriend Website – UX Optimisation is a leading platform dedicated to promoting mental health and well-being in workplaces. As part of our phased approach, we were entrusted with the task of redesigning and developing an enhanced user experience for their home and research pages. Our goal was to achieve a clearer messaging and experience that would provide visitors with a deeper understanding of SuperFriend and their valuable services.

Redesigning the Home Page:

To begin the project, we collaborated closely with their team to understand their vision, brand identity, and target audience. Leveraging this knowledge, we crafted a visually appealing and user-friendly home page design that aligned with SuperFriend’s values.

The new home page design embraced a warm and inviting aesthetic, creating an instant connection with visitors. We implemented intuitive navigation and strategically placed call-to-actions, ensuring easy access to vital information. By incorporating compelling visuals and engaging copy, we effectively communicated SuperFriend’s mission and the impact they make in promoting mental well-being.

Enhancing the Research Page:

Recognising the importance of the research page in establishing credibility and showcasing SuperFriend’s expertise, we focused on optimising it for conversion. We devised a strategy to capture visitor data while offering valuable resources. Through the implementation of a registration process, visitors could access SuperFriend’s annual report, which served as a powerful tool for educating and informing about workplace mental health.

By integrating a streamlined registration process, we successfully grew SuperFriend’s database, allowing for targeted retargeting campaigns in the future. This approach ensured a steady influx of engaged leads, enabling SuperFriend to extend their reach and impact within their industry.


The results of our collaborative efforts exceeded SuperFriend’s expectations. The enhanced user experience on the home page and research page garnered positive feedback from visitors, with increased engagement and longer session durations. The streamlined registration process not only facilitated access to the annual report but also expanded SuperFriend’s network of potential clients and partners.

Through our phased approach, we successfully achieved clearer messaging, improved user experience, and optimised conversion rates for The website now serves as a compelling platform that effectively communicates SuperFriend’s mission, engages visitors, and drives meaningful action towards promoting mental health and well-being in workplaces.

We are proud to have partnered with SuperFriend on this project and are confident that the enhanced website experience will continue to make a significant impact in their efforts to create mentally healthy workplaces across Australia.

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