Sunshine Coast Council

Sunshine Coast Council

The objective of this project was to develop a name and brand for the Sunshine Coast Council’s new digital economy program aimed at digitally up-skilling local businesses through a range of training. The Council wanted to ensure that the program brand would sit alongside the Council brand or it would feature as a ‘Council funded project’. The brand also needed the potential to ‘grow’ into other regions and still be appropriate.

The Sunshine Coast Council seeks to be one of the top Smart Cities in the world and has made the top 21. This program will add to the weight of future applications in this global submission. Establishing its digital klout and ensuring we are a competitive and digitally savvy region (punching above our weight) are key messages for the brand to convey.

The development of the brand involved taking a brief from multiple stakeholders. Five concepts were provided for consideration, and the name Level up was settled on. The creative intelligence behind this concept was that surviving in business or going digital as a business is a lot like a game. Anyone can play, you start at level 1 (or whatever level you are at), and as you become more skilled you work your way up the ladder. But if you are pumped to play, have a curiosity and strong desire, you can master and win the game.

The finalised brand was rolled out into:

SCC websites promoting the program
The Level Up program website
Featuring on webinar registration pages
Featuring on workshop registration pages (online)
Featuring on program registration (hard copy) form
Featuring on SCC EDMs (electronic direct messaging)
Featuring on partner EDMs
Featuring on established social media channels
Featuring on social media posts by council + partners
Featuring on social media advertising
Featuring on radio advertising

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