Sofitel Gold Coast

Sofitel Gold Coast

Sofitel Gold Coast approached us about creating a fun video campaign and marketing it on YouTube back in 2013 when video marketing was still in its infancy.

The campaign was aimed at bringing awareness to launch the Sofitel MyBed a new bed range designed exclusively for Sofitel hotel rooms offering the perfect balance between softness and support for unrivalled comfort and restful sleep.

The campaign creative aimed to share that Sofitel Gold Coast isn’t afraid to admit that a lot of things can go on in a hotel bed, and the fun video clip shows just how versatile the new “Sofitel MyBed” could be — from romantic weekends to wild nights out and family holidays.

A series of influencers were engaged to viralise the campaign and encourage engagement (also groundbreaking at the time of the campaign 5 years ago when influencer marketing was also in its infancy). The result was over 5000 views of the video, leveraged by YouTube advertising, at a fraction of the cost Sofitel would normally pay for the production of a TVC and associated media buying.

Watch the clip here:

We also went on to run other campaigns with Sofitel Gold Coast including a very successful Facebook Advertising campaign to promote their Room 81 hatted in-house restaurant.

Over a 4 month campaign period results included:

  • Increased their likes from 520 to 2,681 (+515%).
  • Paid campaign equated to a total reach of 37,981 Facebook users
  • Restaurant Visits equated to a total of 3,880 ‘check-ins’ on Facebook
  • 1,894 were generated directly from advertising
  • Click-through rate from retargeting: 19%
  • Star Reviews — 60 — Av 4.3

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