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SevGen is short for Seven Generations and is an Indigenous ecological thinking that we must consider that our deliberations and actions of today, will affect seven generations into the future, requiring us to be more conscious about our actions while drawing on the wisdoms of seven generation ancestors. SevGen is a unique registered charity their 3E model of Enterprise, Education & Entrepreneurship attracts justice, health & education reinvestment visionaries.  Terri Waller is a DTulua descendent living on the Sunshine Coast. Her drive comes from an intergenerational story of disconnection and disempowerment. Determined to be the difference she wants to see in the world Terri has considered for many years ways to honour the true, full and creative self and celebrate and validate Murri way. SevGen is the result.

Project Lead
Yvette Adams
Project team
Andrew Marks, Steve Leavy & Tami Argaman
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