RedR – Social Media Strategy

RedR – Social Media Strategy

RedR Australia is a leading international humanitarian response agency that selects, trains and deploys technical specialists. This organisation provides skilled people and training to help communities plan, prepare, rebuild and recover before, during and after crises and conflict. RedR Australia maintains a roster of more than 750 technical specialists across a range of skill profiles.

In December 2019, we were approached by RedR to produce a social media audit of all of the RedR and Australia Assists current social media profiles. This included their Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, two Instagram accounts and two Twitter accounts.

The main objective of the social media audit was to determine the level of success and consequent necessity of the social media accounts produced by RedR and Australia Assists. The report helped RedR to update and maintain brand consistency across accounts. The Creative Collective also analysed their current social media insights in comparison to competitors in order to determine which accounts were positive resources for the organisation.

The report then provided both short term and long term strategic recommendations to more efficiently use their social media platforms to best engage with current and future audiences.

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