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UCI Australia

UCI specialises in Commercial Furniture and Fitouts and brings together Design, Manufacturing and Delivery expertise to every project. The company has showrooms in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Ulverstone & Canberra.

We commenced our engagement with a full day social media session with key stakeholders, particularly those who were involved in marketing at their office in Melbourne.

The objective of the day was to identify what existing content we had to work with — imagery, content, in house; identify objectives for each target market; profile the target market/s involved; identify what content we may need to create or source in order to be effective with our digital marketing i.e. blogs, infographics, images; work out what tools/systems/work flows we have now, and which we will need to get into place to move forwards and to develop an action plan to get our new ‘flow’ underway.

With the strategy firmed up and documented, the next step in our journey with UCI was to establish new social networks + optimise existing social media assets so that they were on-brand and consistent with other marketing collateral and optimised.

This included creating a LinkedIn Company Page, and optimising X 5 Directors and X 2 State Directors Linkedin Profiles. To this day we are contracted to create new Linkedin profiles and improve existing ones as required.

We then moved on to the redeveloping company website including building top level landing pages including a home page, top level product pages, category pages, as well as resources & contact pages.

We also developed a resources page with up to 60 document downloads and setting up a plugin for projects for the company to showcase their projects. Finally we established WooCommerce and imported all 200 products to the website.

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