Ramaley Media – Social Media Campaign

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Ramaley Media – Social Media Campaign

Ramaley Media is a podcast production agency and a STEM podcast network founded by Mel De Gioia. Prior to coming to us, Mel had started a podcast called Engineering Heroes & in the process discovered the world of STEM (Science Technology Education & Maths) and became an advocate in the space. At the time she was working at a Think Tank at The Warren Centre for Advanced Engineering in Sydney, and started another podcast for kids to encourage innovation.

Mel approached us to launch her new agency, Ramaley Media. Named after Dr Judith Aitken Ramaley, Assistant Director of the Education and Human Resources Directorate at the National Science Foundation who coined the term STEM because “the older term SMET subtlety implies that science and math came first or were better. The newer term suggests a meaningful connection among them” and because “STEM sounds nicer than SMET”.

The business has four service lines:


If you are in the STEM or innovation space, the world needs to know what you’re doing. And what better way than going straight into people’s ears with a podcast!

We can help you at any step in your podcasting journey, from idea to launch.

Share your message with the world to help educate society and bring your years of experience and specialist STEM knowledge to their ears. If you have a complex message or communication is not your thing, we help simplify and contextualise your messages too.


If you already have a podcast and want to fine tune your production, off-load or just generally share the load, then Ramaley Media can help with pre or post production, and then get your message out to a like-minded network that will help support and amplify your important message.


With several STEM shows already up and running, we are already on the lookout for talent, sponsors & advertisers to feature on our shows. Sign up to our newsletter or join our social networks to be the first to hear of talent call outs, and if you’d be interested in exploring sponsor or advertising opportunities, get in touch.


Ramaley Media aims to be your home for all STEM-related podcasts and helps STEM-curious listeners to find and listen to all the latest and greatest information in STEM and innovation. We already have a range of STEM shows up and running which you can listen to.

Check out:

  • Idea Evolution
  • STEMology — coming soon
  • Pitch Your PhD — coming soon
  • Food Cities — coming soon
  • From a zero base across all channels (database, website, socials), we commenced our engagement with a strategy session.

During the strategy we defined her launch objectives as being to:

  • Launch the brand/business
  • Grow awareness in marketplace of the brand & offerings
  • Build website traffic over time
  • Achieve an engaged community i.e. socials + database + listeners
  • We also developed x4 target personas including ‘Career Building Cara’, ‘Professor Pat’, ’Entrepreneurial Emma’ and ‘PhD Phil’ along with their specific traits & interests, & matched which of the above services would appeal to each of them.

We also developed a brand voice including tone, topics and sources of content/potential partners, and proposed a 3 month launch strategy, along with associated marketing activities and associated project milestones which included:

1/ Social Media Starter Posting & Boosting package — This package saw us devise graphic design templates to use on socials for Mel, leaning on the great brand and brand style guide she had already developed before coming to us (though we can assist clients with these which she did not realise)

2/ Social Media Outreach on Facebook — This strategy involved identifying potentially suitable Facebook groups and either joining them as Mel or where possible, Ramaley Media. Suitable groups included those in the education, engineering & STEM spaces.

3/ Social Media Outreach on LinkedIn — This strategy involved utilising Mel’s LinkedIn profile (with her permission) to strategically identify and seek to connect with strategic partners, potential clients and more.

4/ Newsletter creation & scheduling — This involved creating a template inside her chosen email marketing system (HubSpot), gaining her approval, then preparing a launch campaign, + 2 further campaigns on a monthly basis.

5/ Social Media Ads Starter Package — this involved creating a Facebook & Instagram advertising campaign plan, preparing a range of audiences in line with her target personas, and then strategically rolling out ads across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and the Audience Network.


Within the 3 month campaign we were able to achieve:

  • Reached 2,010,614 people in the final month from a spend of $1166 on Facebook Ads
  • Impressions hit 2,828,866 in the final month on Facebook Ads
  • Top of Funnel Campaigns on Facebook Ads enjoying over 60% result rates
  • 273 link clicks on a traffic campaign — a 1.46% result rate (average is 0.5 — 2) with an average cost per click = 56c
  • Great engagement on posts for a new brand and building community — a boosted post of $50 within the last month achieved
  • 1351 people reached and 131 post engagements including 23 post clicks and 85 likes
  • A database of 317 people with the last email sent having a 40.3% open rate and 6.5% click rate
  • 548 unique users to the website in month 3 with our activities on Facebook bringing 222 of these (ab out 40% of the website traffic)
  • 53 new quality LinkedIn connections
  • 77 relevant Facebook groups joined
  • 117 Facebook Page Likes
  • 103 LinkedIn Page Likes

In consideration of the above, the launch goals of launching the brand/business; growing awareness in the marketplace of the brand and offerings; building website traffic over time and achieving an engaged community on socials, database and listeners was well and truly achieved.

The client was thrilled with results, gave us a fabulous testimonial and has since been referring more clients to us.

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