Dr Jordan Nguyen is a Vietnamese-Australian biomedical engineer and inventor and founder of Psykinetic, whose achievements include creating a mind-controlled wheelchair, and whose technological innovations are targeted at improving the lives of those living with physical disabilities. He is a keynote speaker and futurist, with strong views on using technology for maximum positive global impact. His work has gained considerable media attention across Australia, featuring on ABC’s Catalyst and Channel TEN’s The Project.

We were pleased to work with Jordan and his team to modernise his brand to support his growing profile, and created a Visual Identity Guide so as he recruits team members, his brand continued to be utilised in a professional and consistent manner. The Visual Identity Guide included logo variations and directionon use (minimum sizes, colour breakdowns, fonts etc), an outline of the suggestion brand voice on social media, hashtags and more.

We then created a new mobile responsive website which was able to be easily updated by his team, and which would help communicate to its visitors on a more regular basis all the amazing work Jordan was doing.

Finally we prepared a range of posters + pull up banners for Dr Jordy and the Psykinetic team to feature at an expo. Overall the brand is now much more professional and modern than it was prior to working with us.

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