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Not-for-profit Training


Connecting Up is an Australian registered charity and not-for-profit organisation dedicated to building stronger communities through technology. Established in 2007, Connecting Up has formed partnerships with leading tech companies to support the Australian and New Zealand charity sector. These partnerships provide donated and discounted IT products, online learning, and specialised consulting services to not for profits & charities, enabling them to leverage technology for their missions.


The primary challenge faced by Connecting Up was to ensure that its extensive membership of over 30,000 not-for-profits could access and utilise the best-in-market IT hardware, software, and training services. The organisation aimed to offer these resources through a training program that is free to join and access. Additionally, Connecting Up wanted to educate and empower its members through regular not-for-profit training in the form of webinars and in-person events, helping them to effectively integrate technology into their operations.


The Creative Collective had an ongoing contract with Connecting Up for not-for-profit training to deliver monthly webinars tailored to the needs of not-for-profits across Australia and New Zealand. Our partnership extended to speaking engagements at key conferences and events, where we shared insights and practical knowledge on various technology and digital marketing topics.

Training Delivered:

  • Introduction to Facebook & Instagram Stories
  • What You Need to Know About Mailchimp
  • What You Need to Know About Google Ads for NFPs
  • What You Need to Know About Facebook Ads for NFPs
  • Communicating & Collaborating in the Cloud
  • Exploring the Power of Facebook Messenger
  • Creating or Improving Your YouTube Channel
  • Producing Creative Video Content
  • Wonders of WordPress
  • Getting Started with SEO
  • Working More Efficiently Online
  • Planning Your Digital Marketing Campaign
  • Discover the Power of Automations
  • Facebook Groups
  • Fundraising on Facebook
  • Facebook Messenger & Chatbots

National Conferences: We have also spoken at several key events for Connecting Up, including the 2018 National Conference for Not for Profits held in Brisbane, Queensland, and the Tech Soup 2018 National Conference for Not for Profits in Auckland, New Zealand. These events provide an opportunity to engage directly with not-for-profit leaders, share expertise, and foster a deeper understanding of how technology can support their missions.

Impact of our Not-for-Profit Training

Our partnership with Connecting Up has significantly contributed to the capacity building of the not-for-profit sector in Australia and New Zealand. By providing ongoing education and support, we have helped thousands of organizations to enhance their operations, reach their audiences more effectively, and ultimately achieve their missions more efficiently.

The Creative Collective is proud to support Connecting Up in its mission to build stronger communities through technology. Our comprehensive approach, combining monthly webinars, in-person speaking engagements, and specialized consulting services, ensures that not-for-profits have the knowledge and tools they need to thrive in a digital world. Together, we continue to empower the charity sector, driving positive change and fostering sustainable growth.

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