Access Therapy

Access Therapy

We have been working with Access Therapy, an occupational therapist who is NDIS registered and based in Western Sydney since June 2020.

Starting by performing a slight rebrand to modernise their brand + some website updates, we moved on to creating a brand new Facebook page, and have since been posting on their Facebook page on a regular basis, boosting posts, and are running a small but targeted series of campaigns under our Social Media Ads Starter package.

Ad campaigns went live on 15 June 2020 and in just two weeks from a budget of $357.61 on ads we have achieved:

Reach — 50,962 (unique people)

Impressions — 100,733 (of the unique people they may have seen ads multiple times)

Cost per result was as low as 0.17 on the Brand Awareness campaign (exceptional result!) and up to 0.80 for the traffic campaign (with an average cost per result of $1-$3 these are great results!!)

Frequency (number of times people saw the ad) varied per campaign but averaged 1.98 per person

A total of 1105 unique link clicks were achieved to the website.

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