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GV Sensors

GVS Reliability Products, AKA GV Sensors have been a client of The Creative Collective (TCC) for over 10 years with TCC designing a brand for their Optical Motion Sensors (OMS) brand. More recently (August 2023), GVS engaged TCC to redevelop the GVS website and merge in the OMS content. As part of that project, we put together a website strategy, and developed the new website design.

GV Sensors specialise in delivering premium industrial and asset condition monitoring and reliability capability. Capability includes products and solutions, training, knowledge and support. They have developed long-lasting relationships with multinational companies such as Rio TintoBHPNewcrest MiningVisyNorse SkogFonterraGlencoreChevronFortescueAGL and Metso.

The new website design introduced a secondary colour to help lift the design, which wasn’t currently part of the brand style guide and needed exploration and development (a simple update on the new website once finalised).

We therefore tweaked the brand and brand style guide to reflect the colour updates and any associated imagery or graphical elements and also updated marketing collateral incorporating the updated colour palette and any graphical elements.

The finished suite of marketing collateral included:

  1. Updated Brand Style Guide
  2. Business Cards
  3. MS Word Proposal Template
  4. MS PowerPoint Template
  5. MS Word Letterhead Template
  6. MS Word White Paper Template
  7. Case Study for Social Template (propose to be on Canva)
  8. MS Word Datasheet Template

We then finalised and launched the website. Our website strategy was grounded in a user-centric ideology, recognising that their target audiences are distinguished technical experts within their fields.

Our website optimisation strategy therefore encompassed:

1. Product Number Searching: Facilitate quick access to information through an intuitive product search functionality, prominently placed at the top right-hand corner of the site-wide header.

2. Regions and Regional Managers: Leverage GVS’s unique selling proposition by showcasing the connection between clients and their dedicated GVS Regional Managers. A regional map and manager profiles will reinforce the message of personalised service.

3. Improved Product Pages: Enhance the uniform design of product pages, providing users with a consistent and informative layout. Product information tabs ensure comprehensive coverage.

4. Resource Centre: Establish a personalised members-only experience through the resource centre, offering a wealth of content while fostering brand engagement and retargeting strategies.

5. My Project: Introduce a feature allowing users to curate project-specific product selections, streamlining the process and enabling direct communication with their regional manager.

6. Case Study, White Paper and News Article Framework: Develop an impactful content framework featuring case studies, white papers, and news articles. Thought leadership and industry proofing content will be seamlessly integrated to engage and inform target audiences.

7. Team: Highlight GVS’s expert team through dedicated profiles, building trust and connecting with users seeking a credible partner.

8. Service: A streamlined solution to the process of a customer submitting products for service, calibration or repair with an online solution that reduces manual handling for the GVS sales team.

9. Contact Form: Streamline user engagement through an integrated contact form, capturing essential details for efficient follow-up by the GVS sales team. Automation tools will direct enquiries to the appropriate Regional Manager.

A detailed sitemap was developed that clearly indicates the user journeys through the website, in partnership with the strategies defined in this document, it provides a clear understanding of the meaningful approach in providing the best possible online experience for our defined target audiences.

By tweaking the brand and brand style guide, creating a new website, and rolling out a suite of marketing collateral, The Creative Collective is excited to have propelled GVS to new heights of marketing prominence, as we continue to work with them on SEO activities and are looking to expand into Paid Ad activities also.

In May 2024 we saw:

  • Overall website views up 66% on last month with a total of 9,040 – 2184 from organic search
  • User engagement up 92% on the previous month
  • CTR up to a health 2.65%
  • Clicks up 15%

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