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Hospitality Branding


Hospitality Branding

Honeysuckle, a new restaurant located in the village of Buderim on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, sought to establish a unique and memorable brand that would resonate with both locals and visitors. Specialising in a modern fusion of Asian and Australian cuisines, Honeysuckle aimed to create a dining experience that was both sophisticated and welcoming.

To achieve this vision, Honeysuckle partnered with The Creative Collective, to create their hospitality branding.

The primary challenge was to create a distinct and cohesive brand identity for Honeysuckle that would set it apart in a competitive hospitality market. The brand needed to reflect the restaurant’s unique culinary offerings and create a lasting impression on its patrons. Honeysuckle flowers represent true happiness, romantic love, good fortune, and sweetness towards one another. They can also be strong symbols of nostalgia, first loves, or old flames, so you can portray a number of messages to a past relationship, or gift them as a way to reminisce on old times. Key objectives included:

  1. Developing a Strong Brand Identity:
    • Create a logo and visual elements that capture the essence of Honeysuckle’s fusion cuisine and welcoming ambiance.
  2. Ensuring Brand Consistency:
    • Develop comprehensive brand guidelines to ensure consistency across all touchpoints, from the restaurant’s signage to its marketing materials.
  3. Creating Marketing Collateral mock ups:
    • Design and produce menu, business card, and promotional material mock ups that aligned with the new brand identity.


The Creative Collective embarked on a meticulous process to develop Honeysuckle’s hospitality brand, ensuring that every element was carefully crafted to reflect the restaurant’s vision and values.

  1. Brand Discovery:
    • Conducted in-depth consultations with the Honeysuckle team to understand their goals, target audience, and the unique aspects of their culinary offerings.
    • Analysed the competitive local restaurant landscape to identify opportunities for differentiation.
  2. Logo Design and Visual Identity:
    • Created a distinctive logo that blends elements of Asian and Australian design, symbolising the fusion of cuisines offered at Honeysuckle.
    • Developed a color palette and typography that evoke a sense of elegance and warmth, aligning with the restaurant’s ambiance.
    • Designed additional visual elements such as icons and patterns that can be used across various brand touchpoints.
  3. Brand Guidelines:
    • Compiled brand guidelines to ensure consistent application of the brand identity across all materials.
    • Included specifications for logo usage, color codes, typography, and imagery styles.
  4. Implementation Support:
    • Provided ongoing support during the implementation phase, ensuring that all branding elements were executed correctly and effectively.


The result was a cohesive and captivating brand identity that perfectly encapsulates the essence of Honeysuckle. The new branding has been instrumental in establishing Honeysuckle as a popular dining destination in Buderim. Key outcomes included:

  1. Increased Brand Recognition:
    • The distinctive logo and visual identity have made Honeysuckle easily recognisable and memorable among diners.
  2. Enhanced Customer Experience:
    • The well-designed menus and marketing materials have contributed to a seamless and enjoyable dining experience, reinforcing the restaurant’s brand values.
  3. Consistent Brand Messaging:
    • The comprehensive brand guidelines have ensured that all communications and materials are consistent, professional, and aligned with Honeysuckle’s brand.
  4. Positive Market Reception:
    • The new brand has been well-received by the local community and visitors alike, driving increased foot traffic and reservations.

By partnering with The Creative Collective, Honeysuckle has successfully established a strong hospitality brand presence that resonates with its target audience and sets the stage for long-term success in the competitive hospitality industry.

Explore more about Honeysuckle and their unique dining experience at Honeysuckle Restaurant.

The Creative Collective is proud to have played a role in bringing Honeysuckle’s vision to life, demonstrating our commitment to delivering exceptional hospitality branding solutions that drive real results.

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