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High-end brand marketing services: Sydney Showroom Kitchen Range Launch

Italy is synonymous with family, food, and a happy home. Australians have long had a love affair with the quality and style of all things European – from sleek cars and designer fashion to exquisite art. Bringing this affinity for European elegance into the kitchen, Fulgor Milano, an esteemed Italian kitchen appliance brand, sought to introduce their high-end brand and innovative products to the Australian market. To mark this significant milestone, Fulgor Milano opened its inaugural flagship showroom on Sydney’s lower North Shore, showcasing a range of kitchen appliances that combine sophisticated styling, intelligent performance, and exceptional design.


The primary challenge was to establish Fulgor Milano’s presence in the competitive Australian market and ensure a successful launch of their flagship showroom. The goal was to effectively communicate the brand’s unique value proposition and attract discerning Australian customers who appreciate high-quality, stylish European appliances through effective marketing services. 


To achieve these objectives, Fulgor Milano called on us for high-end brand marketing services and we provided a comprehensive suite of services designed to position Fulgor Milano as a premier brand in the Australian market. Our approach included market research, strategic consulting, social media management, advertising, and the creation of marketing collateral.

Services Provided:

  1. Online Market Research Report:

    • Asset Evaluation: Identified existing assets and recommended updates to align with market expectations.
    • Competitor Analysis: Conducted thorough research on competitors, providing insights that shaped the marketing strategy.
    • Market Insights: Offered detailed analysis of market trends, consumer preferences, and potential opportunities.
  2. Facebook Ads Campaign:

    • Promotion of Showroom Opening: Developed and executed a targeted Facebook ads campaign to generate buzz and attract visitors to the showroom.
    • Audience Targeting: Utilized precise targeting to reach potential customers interested in high-end kitchen appliances.
    • Engagement Metrics: Monitored and optimized the campaign to maximize reach and engagement.
  3. Social Media Management:

    • Channel Establishment: Set up and managed Fulgor Milano’s social media profiles across major platforms.
    • Content Creation: Crafted and posted engaging content that highlighted the brand’s products and European heritage.
    • Outreach Activities: Conducted social media outreach to influencers and potential partners to expand the brand’s reach.
  4. Marketing Collateral Creation:

    • Graphic Design Services: Designed press ads, flyers, and other promotional materials that reflected the brand’s sophisticated image.
    • Event Collateral: Prepared elegant and informative materials for the showroom opening event.
  5. Strategic Consulting & Marketing Advice:

    • Brand Positioning: Provided strategic advice on brand positioning to ensure Fulgor Milano stood out in the market.
    • Marketing Strategy: Developed a comprehensive marketing strategy tailored to the Australian market, leveraging insights from the market research report.


The launch of Fulgor Milano’s flagship showroom in Sydney was a resounding success, marked by several key achievements:

  • Increased Brand Awareness: The targeted Facebook ads campaign and social media management significantly boosted brand visibility and engagement among Australian consumers.
  • Successful Showroom Opening: The well-attended showroom opening event generated excitement and positive buzz, positioning Fulgor Milano as a premium kitchen appliance brand in Australia.
  • Enhanced Market Positioning: The comprehensive market research and strategic consulting helped establish a strong market presence, with a clear understanding of the competitive landscape and consumer preferences.
  • High-Quality Marketing Materials: The professionally designed marketing collateral effectively communicated the brand’s elegance and innovation, attracting discerning customers.


By leveraging a blend of strategic consulting, market research, social media management, and targeted advertising, we successfully introduced Fulgor Milano to the Australian market. The launch of their flagship showroom not only enhanced brand awareness but also positioned Fulgor Milano as a leading choice for premium kitchen appliances among Australian consumers.

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