Hemmant’s List – Social Media Management and Outreach

Hemmant’s List – Social Media Management and Outreach

Hemmant’s List is a diverse list of Barristers drawn from some of Brisbane’s leading Chambers, providing choice of experience, expertise, practice area specialty, gender and cost through the single contact point. Collectively, the quality, diversity of experience and reputation of members is unparalleled in Queensland.

We were approached by List Clerk, Michael in October 2020 to engage in our social media management and outreach services. These services include content creation and platform management for LinkedIn, as well as a strategic outreach plan to help foster the brand awareness of Hemmant’s List across the legal profession in Queensland. We also conduct monthly strategic consults with Michael and complete subsequent action items depending on the direction of discussion.

Since then, we have implemented a regular content calendar, including links to important news and announcements as well as featuring Hemmant’s List mediation services.

So far, we have seen excellent results with Hemmant’s List. In a single month, we regularly find:

  • 45-55% growth in engagement
  • 20-40 new account followers within the industry
  • Over 300 post clicks and around 200 post likes
  • Over 10,000 account impressions

As part of our service, we also interact within a number of target LinkedIn groups for Hemmant’s List, create new connections for Michael and also invite target users to like the brand page.

We are very proud of the work we have done for Hemmant’s List so far and can’t wait to see them continue to thrive in the coming months.

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