Hands on Laser Cosmetic Clinic – Branding & Website

Hands on Laser Cosmetic Clinic – Branding & Website

Hands-On Laser Cosmetic Clinic are a team of dermal laser therapists and doctors with years of experience and a strong passion for their work. They aim to provide an outstanding experience that leaves every client feeling renewed and confident.

We were approached by Hands-On Laser Cosmetic Clinic in May, 2020 to rejuvenate their tired logo with our ‘Brand in a Day’ service as well as building a brand new website for greater brand awareness.

As part of our client briefing session, we assisted Hands-On Laser Cosmetic Clinic in completing an in-depth questionnaire that helped us determine the preferred tone, personality and style of the brand. From this information, our design team created multiple mockups, culminating in the final design approval. We also provided a business style guide to assist the client in maintaining consistency during future endeavours.

After the final logo was approved, our web team produced a stylish and practical website that provides information on all available treatments. This website was built with the brand style guide in mind to maintain visual consistency.

Overall, we think our design and web team have done a great job in helping to rejuvenate Hands-On Laser Cosmetic Clinic’s image.

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