Fresh Chai Co – Website

Fresh Chai Co – Website

The Fresh Chai Co are an eCommerce business crafting and selling ‘the best chai on the planet’ that is organic, gut friendly, environmentally responsible and fair-trade sourced.

Toward the end of 2020, we were engaged by The Fresh Chai Co to produce a Shopify website that would update the current customer experience for those looking to make online purchases.

After the initial briefing session with our website design and build team, it was clear that the team was looking for a fast loading website that clarified the organisational ethos of sustainable trading and production as well as fitting the visual and thematic branding already in existence.

After creating a new Shopify website with updates to copy, layout and aesthetic properties, our web team installed the store aspect of the website, populating the page with current products, creating product categories, configuring all payment settings and ensuring the cart, checkout and shipping settings were efficient and user friendly.

As part of this package, we also set up a ‘live Facebook chat’ function that connects to Facebook Messenger.

After a few rounds of feedback and discussion with the client, the final website was confirmed and went live. As part of our package, the web team also delivered basic SEO configuration as well as an online training session with the client to ensure that they could navigate and edit their website down the track.

We think the brand new Fresh Chai Co Shopify website looks awesome. Check out their awesome products which are now a firm favourite of some of The Creative Collective team.

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