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Hills Hydroponics

Food Label Design

Hills Hydroponics, a third-generation business in Tasmania, has a rich history dating back 60 years. Originally known as Hills Transplants, they specialised in growing seedlings for vegetables like broccoli, lettuce, and cauliflower. Over the years, their operations evolved to include seedling cultivation, seed sowing, harvesting, processing, and direct sales to consumers. Broccoli stands as their primary crop, distributed through prominent local grocers such as Harvest Moon and Premium Fresh, along with major retailers like Woolworths and Coles.

Despite their established presence, Hills Hydroponics recognised the need for a new brand identity and food label design to enhance their market appeal. They approached us to create a visual brand and food label design that would resonate with both wholesalers and end consumers.

Collaborating closely with Hills Hydroponics, we identified their Unique Selling Proposition (USP) as their location in Tasmania. Tasmania’s reputation for pristine quality and freshness provided a compelling story for their brand. We also conducted a thorough analysis of their competitors to ensure distinctiveness.

With the goal of creating a brand that is simple yet communicates freshness and quality, we embarked on the design process. The result was a sleek and impactful logo, along with a comprehensive suite of food labels for their fresh produce.

The new brand and food labels successfully captured the essence of Hills Hydroponics. The design reflects the purity and freshness of Tasmania’s produce, setting their products apart on the shelves. The brand now resonates with both wholesalers and end consumers, reinforcing Hills Hydroponics’ commitment to quality and freshness.

Through collaboration and creative design, we helped Hills Hydroponics revitalise their brand, emphasising their unique selling proposition and setting them apart in a competitive market. The new brand identity and food labels have positioned Hills Hydroponics as a premium choice for fresh produce in Tasmania, driving sales and enhancing their reputation for quality.

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