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Float Space

The Float Space approached The Creative Collective in May 2015 for marketing assistance, in the lead up to opening the first and only dedicated float centre on the Sunshine Coast.

Considering the target markets of sleep deprived parents, pregnant women, stressed professional people, athletes, labour workers, or simply holidaymakers on the Sunshine Coast wanting to have a unique experience or wanting to boost their energy levels, The Creative Collective devised a marketing strategy involving a range of initial website optimisations including the implementation of crucial Google Analytics and Facebook pixel tracking codes, search engine optimisation and an integration with Mailchimp and the website forms, and then embarked on a local & lifestyle media PR campaign as well as an extensive Facebook advertising campaign.

* To achieve positive media coverage about the company
* To build likes on Facebook and awareness of the company in the local community
* To get the ‘right’ people to the launch event in mid July for a successful launch event
* To drive bookings on the website
* To create and grow a database

3 months (May 2015 — August 2015)

* PR Campaign
* Facebook advertising


In the two month promotional period the following results were achieved:

* Increased the website traffic by 286% (from 1,429 to 5,516 unique users)
* 2000 Facebook likes
* An average click through rate of 5.597% on Facebook ads (May/June = 7.266% + June/July = 3.928%) as compared to an industry average of 1%
* An average cost per click of 0.36 per lead from Facebook.
* Several key media pieces achieved.
* In their first week of business the two pods in operation have been utilised 95% of the time and the company are booked out up to 5 days in advance and growing.
* Total campaign spend net to Facebook: $784.29
* Generated 2,455 campaign clicks
* Reached a total of 38,197 users
* Generated a click-through rate of 6.43%
* The average cost per click was only $0.21

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