Alpha Hair Clinic

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Alpha Hair Clinic

Alpha Hair Clinic offers hairline tattoos, also known as Scalp Micro-Pigmentation or SMP treatments in North Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast and helps men regain their confidence. For a three month period we were engaged by Alpha Hair Clinic to run both Facebook and Google Ads to gain enquiries via the businesses website and direct via Facebook Messenger.

In only the first month of Facebook Ads, we were able to gain an immediate response with 43 enquiries received via Facebook messenger at an average cost of $4.62 per message. Through the following three months we trialled a number of ad formats and audiences to achieve an increase in website traffic and conversions.

In March on Facebook & Instagram Ads from a spend of $1215.89 we achieved:

  • 112,557 impressions
  • 4,684 total clicks
  • 46 direct message enquiries
  • Average CPC of $0.26
  • Average CTR of 4.16%

In March on Google from a spend of $587.90 we achieved:

  • 7157 impressions
  • 293 clicks
  • CTR of 4.1 with some ad groups seeing CTR’s of as high as 27.27%!
  • 69 conversions

Overall the two channels achieved:

  • 1974 users, 1918 of them were new users
  • 2.2k sessions
  • 7015 page views
  • Average pages per session of 3.22
  • Of those 1645 were from socials and 260 were from Google Ads.

Testimonial from the client: “I was doing all my Facebook and Google Ads myself when I came across The Creative Collective and wow, in the first month I have seen my enquiries hit all time highs. Yvette and her team are great at what they do. I can’t recommend them enough.” Nathan, Alpha Hair Clinic

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