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Cyber Services Group

Originally established in 2004 by Rob Templeton, Cyber Services Group has offices in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.  The team provides building design, drafting and energy efficiency services to clients throughout Queensland and New South Wales.

The company reached out to The Creative Collective looking for a consultant to review their existing marketing, online presence and branding and provide feedback on where they could plug improve. Following an in persons strategy session at their offices, we were engaged for a website refresh, SEO Audit + monthly SEO & PPC services, and in three years of working together achieved some exceptional results.

As an example, in the first four months of establishing conversion tracking we achieved a 12.48% conversion rate, and 758 conversions including 681 contact us, 64 enquiry forms, and 13 quick enquiries which was a higher enquiry rate than the client had ever experienced. We also expanded our services to Facebook Advertising and achieved 300% more contact us form’s submitted, over 400% more quick queries and 33% more phone calls in the first month of activating the ads, rendering the client so busy they asked us to turn off their ads until they could hire more staff!

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