Cosmetic Skin Doctors Clinic – Brand in a Day

Cosmetic Skin Doctors Clinic – Brand in a Day

Cosmetic Skin Doctors Clinic is a cosmetic surgery clinic located in Armidale, VIC and is staffed by health professionals, registered nurses and general practitioners. They provide a number of services including botox, fillers, threading, laser, IPL and facials.

We were approached by Cosmetic Skin Doctors Clinics for our ‘Brand in a Day’ service. The client felt that their previous logo was quite loud and that it did not convey their modern practice. We were tasked with creating a professional logo after an initial branding briefing session with the client.

The client knew that they wanted a logo that included earthy colours, felt natural and would not date. We were challenged to produce a logo that conveyed their business assets including their affordability, their ability to boost confidence and support self-improvement, their qualified staff and their modern and classy environment.

Overall, we were able to produce a logo that met all of the criteria and satisfied the client.

We also produced a branded style guide to clarify the visual identity for the client. This document included the final logo, logo variations, preferred fonts, colour breakdowns as well as examples of correct and incorrect logo use.

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