CALM (Community Activities Lake Macquarie)

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CALM (Community Activities Lake Macquarie)

Branding, Website, Copywriting

CALM, which stands for Community Activities Lake Macquarie, is a values-driven, for-purpose organisation that provides meaningful programs and collaborative services. Led by a diverse Community Board of Governance and a dedicated CEO, CALM has been serving the Lake Macquarie community since its establishment in 1987 as ‘Westlakes Activity Van’. Over the years, CALM has grown and evolved, but its commitment to supporting children, young people, and families in Lake Macquarie has remained steadfast. CALM’s mission is to create empowered, connected, and respectful communities where everyone can flourish.


CALM approached The Creative Collective with the need for a comprehensive branding solution, specifically a refreshed brand and a new website. Their primary goals were to improve brand awareness and establish a modern, vibrant brand that accurately reflects the needs of the community they serve. CALM required a comprehensive branding solution that would unify their communications and enhance their online presence, making it easier for community members to access their services and programs.


To address CALM’s needs, The Creative Collective undertook a multi-faceted approach, starting with the development of a comprehensive Brand Style Guide and key messaging document. This guide serves as a foundational tool for all future communications, ensuring consistency in brand voice and tone. It outlines the appropriate language and messaging to use in various contexts, helping to maintain a cohesive and recognizable brand identity.

Brand Identity

We began by creating a vibrant and modern logo that symbolises CALM’s dynamic and inclusive approach. The new logo is designed to be visually appealing and reflective of the organization’s core values. Alongside the logo, we selected new fonts that enhance readability and convey a contemporary feel. These elements were incorporated into a graphics package that CALM can use across all communication materials, from brochures and flyers to social media posts.

Website Development

A key component of the project was the design and development of a modern and stylish website. The new website,, is user-friendly and visually appealing, making it easy for visitors to find information about CALM’s programs and services. The website features a clean layout, intuitive navigation, and responsive design, ensuring a seamless experience across all devices. It also includes key sections that highlight CALM’s mission, programs, events, and ways to get involved, effectively engaging visitors and encouraging community participation.


The refreshed brand and new website have significantly enhanced CALM’s visibility and engagement within the community. The modern, cohesive brand identity aligns with CALM’s mission and resonates with their audience, while the new website serves as an effective tool for communication and service delivery. Since the launch, CALM has received positive feedback from community members and stakeholders, noting the improved accessibility and professional appearance of their digital presence.


The Creative Collective’s comprehensive approach to branding and web development has provided CALM with the tools they need to continue their mission of empowering and connecting the Lake Macquarie community. The refreshed brand and new website not only improve CALM’s ability to reach and serve their community but also reinforce their commitment to creating a supportive environment where children, young people, and families can thrive.

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