Purge – Commercial cleaning brand

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commercial cleaning brand

Purge – Commercial cleaning brand

Branding, Graphic Design, Copywriting & Website

Oceanic Cooling Solutions approached us with a request for a branding and design solution for their new contemporary commercial cleaning brand. This new brand aimed to revolutionize the cleaning industry by offering high-quality, eco-friendly cleaning services to businesses and organizations. The design we created needed to reflect the brand’s core values of professionalism, innovation, sustainability, and exceptional customer service.

Our target markets for this brand included commercial cleaners, pubs, clubs, microbreweries, and wineries. One of the key challenges was to come up with a brand name that effectively communicated the brand’s key messages, such as being biodegradable, odourless, 100% soluble, food-grade, and food-safe, among others.

After thorough research on competitors and drawing inspiration from various brands, we decided on the name “Purge.” This name conveys a sense of cleanliness and effectiveness, aligning perfectly with the brand’s values. The brand’s visual identity needed to be clean, modern, and easily recognizable, suitable for use in both digital and print media.

To appeal to the target market of hip, young, and trendy hospitality workers, managers, and owners, as well as commercial cleaners and cleaning professionals, we created a brand that exuded sophistication while maintaining a contemporary and modern feel.

The final deliverables included a comprehensive brand package consisting of brand guidelines, business cards, shirt and cap concepts, product name development, product labels, a 6-page capabilities statement, and a website. The website was designed to showcase the brand’s identity and offerings effectively. You can view the finished brand samples below and visit the website at purgeclean.com.au to see the brand in action.

Items produced:

1/ Brand

2/ Business Cards x 3 names 

3/ Shirt/Cap Concept (Concepts only) 

4/ Product Name Development

5/ Product Labels 

6/ 6pp Capabilities Statement

7/ Website

See the finished brand samples below and the website here. https://purgeclean.com.au/

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