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Collaborative health website

We love helping businesses to go from conception to fully fledged business and Collaborative Health is a good example of this. We commenced work with Collaborative Health by  strategising an appropriate business name and developing a brand. We later rolled out business cards, established the company on social media and developed a mobile responsive of a website.

The idea behind the brand was that with the ongoing development with an interconnected world information is now universally assessable. Communication has also been enhanced enabling real time collaboration between health care providers as well as providing secure electronic access of medical records by patients as well as patients contributing to and sharing their medical files.

Collaborative Health Service is based on the premises of a shared partnership between health care providers and patients. It is their aim to empower patients and their families to take an active role in their health care.

Project Lead
Katrina Lees
Project team
Sean O'Brien, Joanne Huang, Katrina Lees, Peter Davis and Zoe Wyatt