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Brad Hiles Construction

Brad Hiles Constructions, a reputable builder in Newcastle, approached us requiring a Newcastle construction website to enhance their online presence. Specialising in both commercial and residential construction, along with property maintenance, they sought to showcase their comprehensive services and expertise through a new website.

Brad Hiles Constructions needed a website that not only reflected their professionalism and skill but also effectively highlighted their diverse capabilities. They wanted a strategic design that would demonstrate their expertise in both commercial and residential projects, as well as property maintenance.

To meet their needs, we adopted a strategic approach to website development. We focused on creating a user-friendly interface that would effectively showcase Brad Hiles Constructions’ portfolio and services. Our team worked closely with the company to understand their brand identity and key messages, ensuring these were effectively communicated through the website.

The new website we developed for Brad Hiles Constructions effectively captures the essence of their brand. It features a clean and modern design, with easy navigation that allows visitors to explore their services and projects effortlessly. The website also includes a portfolio section showcasing their past projects, highlighting their expertise in both commercial and residential construction.

The new website has significantly enhanced Brad Hiles Constructions’ online presence. It effectively communicates their all-round abilities and has helped attract new clients. The website’s strategic design has also improved user engagement, with visitors spending more time exploring the various sections of the site.

Through this construction website development, we have helped Brad Hiles Constructions showcase their expertise and attract new clients. The new construction website effectively demonstrates their capabilities in both commercial and residential construction, along with property maintenance, positioning them as a leading builder in Newcastle.

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