AuZi Insurance – Facebook Ad Setup

AuZi Insurance

AuZi Insurance is an insurance company that aims to deliver insurance differently for small businesses. Their small team are highly qualified and are at the forefront of forward-thinking online service and products. 

We were approached by AuZi Insurance to help them set up a new Facebook Ad Account for the business to be utilised in bringing about organisational objectives. These objectives included: 

  • Becoming the leading soap and candle insurance providers.
  • Conveying passion for small businesses
  • Driving more leads to the website

We were also tasked with targeting specific demographics including small business owners, such as candle and soap businesses, across Australia

As part of this package we produced a number of graphics that Auzi Insurance were able to use in producing their own Facebook ads. These posts followed a proposed style guide that reflected the preferred colours, fonts, tone and graphics of the business. 

These posts provided AuZi Insurance with the perfect platform for creating their own Facebook ads with included content that met their organisational objectives. 

Project Lead
Erin Currey
Project Team
Gina Novoa