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APC Prosthetics

APC Prosthetics specialise in prosthetic limbs and finding the best fit for their clients. Their philosophy has always been to achieve the best outcome for every client, incorporating the best possible comfort, the best possible function and the best possible lifestyle. With 4 clinics, they also visit numerous locations around Australia and also contribute to the success of the Australian Paralympic team. TCC was contracted for Google Ads, Social Media Ads and SEO, as we were able to create extremely positive results for the brand.
Google Ads achievements:
  • 4,634 impressions
  • 371 clicks at 8% CTR. A strong average indicates that users are finding our ads relevant to what they were searching on Google.
  • As we were occupying higher market share in Google our conversion rate also improved from 1.71% to 2.16%.
  • The keyword ‘osseointegration’ saw an increase of 28 rankings to 72 this month. 
Facebook Ads achievements:
  • We ran two campaigns, traffic and awareness with a stronger focus on the traffic campaign aimed at getting more people on the website.
  • The traffic campaign performed really well, spending $714.72 receiving 752 landing page views at a very low cost of $0.95 per landing page view.
  • The awareness campaign also performed well, spending $285.56 receiving 1,850 ad recall lifts at a cost of $0.15.
  • Facebook impressions went from 91,399-105,219.
Overall, these Google ads, Social Media Ads and SEO have so far created great results for a small business looking to increase brand awareness, online following and traffic to their website. We love working with APC Prosthetics!

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