Alice’s Adventures

Alice’s Adventures

For 150 years, Alice in Wonderland has been capturing imaginations across the world, inspiring numerous works of art, music and literature. Now a young Brisbane couple has captured the imagination of audiences around the world with their crowdfunding campaign selling two limited editions of the famous story. Steven Burke and his fiancee Angela Nielsen, are grinning like a pair of cheshire cats at the response, which has seen sales flooding in on their Kickstarter campaign from every corner of the globe, who recognise the purchase as a priceless collector’s item keepsake during a milestone anniversary.

Burke, aged 29 years and Nielsen, aged 24 years who live in Marsden, Brisbane spent six months painstakingly recreating the limited reproductions of the original manuscript “”Alice’s Adventures Under Ground” under a license they negotiated with the British Library.

We were contacted by the couple mid crowdfunding campaign but still managed to mobilise a press release and obtain a range of coverage to further propel the campaign, which ended up achieving $100,000 in revenue.

We also assisted them with their Facebook Ads.

See this Pinterest link to review the media coverage.

Note this does not include some radio pieces which were also achieved.

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