Acqua – Social Ads

Acqua – Social Ads

Acqua are a range of beachside apartments, with elegant coastal finishes & impeccable facilities, perfectly situated in Palm Beach, one of the Gold Coast’s most popular coastal suburbs.

A total of $4500 was spent on ads over a six week campaign period to promote the sale of these residences. The campaigns reached 321,257 unique people in the period they ran. 1,082,613 impressions were achieved in the period.

People saw the ads on average 3.37 times (perfect for brand reinforcement which is achieved in the 3-4 times range).

We achieved 6780 link clicks and 10,883 total clicks across the board according to Facebook’s reporting — exceptional results for the spend + time frame.

We paid an average of $0.66 which is exceptional especially for this industry (general range is $1-$3).

CTR across the board was 1.01% which is in the higher range of normal (0.5% — 2% is good) however as featured below some much higher CTRs were recorded in some campaigns.

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