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Non Profit Marketing

The Creative Collective are not for profit / non profit marketing specialists and have years of experience helping our many not for profit marketing clients with their marketing strategy, branding, websites, SEO, and more on one off or regular projects.

We have also won the trust of clients in the not for profit / non profit sector acting as a completely outsourced marketing manager or marketing department which tends to be at a fraction of the price of an in-house marketing hire. 

We have team members who have worked in, and who understand the unique needs of the not for profit industry in Australia as well as NDIS marketing, and even those who currently sit, or who have sat on the board of Not for Profit organisations.

Our Non Profit Marketing Services

Non Profit Marketing Strategy

The first step for most non profits we work with is to develop a not for profit marketing strategy which is customised to suit your organisation’s unique needs.

Whether you are new to the non profit industry and looking to build your brand in the market, or have been around a long time but seeking some guidance on what your next move should be marketing wise, to build your visibility and get more clients, our team of strategists have lots of experience developing marketing strategies for not for profits and would love to help you too!

Non Profit Branding

If you are a new non profit, or, you have been around a while and need to refresh your brand, we are here and ready to help your non profit improve its branding. You may have need for just one brand for your not for profit organisation, or multiple for services or programs you offer.

Get in contact with us to learn about the many non profit organisations we have branded and rebranded over the years, or check out our portfolio below.

Non Profit Website

Does your nonprofit need a new organisation website? We have lots of experience making not for profit websites and keep accessibility front of mind.

From small 5 page websites on a simple system which is easy to manage ongoing, to establishing a large website which can streamline your organisational processes and support a large multi-office organisation, if you’re looking for a non profit site, we are here to help.

Not for Profit SEO

If you want your not for profit to be found on the search engines, you need search engine optimisation as a service, also known as SEO. We can offer both local SEO services, helping more people know of your not for profit in a set location, and general SEO services which help your website to rank for relevant keywords on the search engines such as Google & Bing.

In our experience, SEO is a service all non profit organisations need in order to be competitive.

Google Not for Profit Grants

Did you know each qualifying nonprofit in Australia can access up to AU$13,000 per month in search ads?

We can help you apply for the grant and run your ads for you. We can also audit any Google Ads campaigns you may have running to ensure they are running as efficiently as possible.

Talk to us about whether your not for profit is eligible for the Google Not for Profit Grants.

Non Profit Digital Marketing

We have extensive experience in non profit digital marketing having run numerous campaigns on platforms such as YouTube, Google Ads, Meta (Facebook & Instagram), Linkedin, Spotify, TikTok & more.

Talk to us about what digital marketing strategy might work for your non profit based on your goals, budget and timeframes.

We can help you work this out via a marketing strategy or a Discovery call.

Helping Not for Profits become the best version of themselves

Whether you are new to marketing, have had a go yourself and just need a little guidance or want to completely outsource your marketing to us (generally cheaper than hiring in-house).

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we do! We have a range of speakers who have experience speaking at not for profit events, occasionally for free but generally on a paid basis. We have featured at conferences, workshops, panels and even MCed some events, given our deep understanding of the industry. Enquire here.

Yes! As well as offering services, we also offer a range of training solutions both online and in person in a range of locations. We can teach your marketing person or team just one aspect of marketing, or develop a training program to upskill your entire organisation. Enquire here.

We can offer copywriting services, however applying for funding is quite a specialist field and there are some people who specialise in this only that may be preferable for you to work with.

The amount you allocate to marketing will vary from non profit organisation to non profit organisation but will generally be 5-10% of your annual revenue if you are a fairly established organisation. If you are quite new to the industry, it is common for these percentages to be higher while you are building your brand and obtaining new clients.


Sure thing. We have presented to many not for profit boards on the benefits of marketing, what outcomes they should expect over what time frames and to answer any questions they may have about our proposed approaches to marketing.

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