What is your New Financial Year Marketing Approach?

What is your New Financial Year Marketing Approach?

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Change Up Your Marketing Approach This Financial Year

As we approach the end of the financial year, are you feeling a sense of disappointment that you haven’t quite achieved your marketing goals? If so, know that it happens! Sometimes your marketing efforts don’t hit the mark, or you end up not having the time you had thought you would to invest in your marketing activities and taking the time to assess the results.

Although it may feel discouraging not to receive the marketing results you were after, this time of year presents the perfect opportunity to take a look at everything to evaluate what could be improved in the future. And we’d love to assist you with that.

Whether it be conducting a website/SEO audit to work out why you’re not ranking where you want to for set keywords on Google, conducting a Google Ads or Facebook Ads audit to see why your ads aren’t converting, assessing your social media content activity and getting valuable feedback on how you could get better results or providing you with a consult or training to give you the skills you need to lift your game, we’re here to help you turn things around, and claim some tax benefits while you’re at it. Keep reading to find out more.

How We Approach Marketing Strategy

There is a lot to know when it comes to marketing, and unless you know what you are looking for and where to look, it would be easy to feel quite lost in your marketing data. It can also be difficult to know what different industries usually achieve in terms of benchmarks and whether you’re doing worse or better than the norm, but by engaging us, we can bring our professional expertise and tools to identify and show you where improvements could be made.

If you are to engage us, we will start with an in depth briefing session where we will gather lots of information about  you and your business. You don’t need to do anything to prepare for this. Everything we ask you should be things you know off the top of your head, or which we can facilitate out of you such as:

  • Your Marketing Objectives: What is it  you have been trying to achieve or want to achieve in the next financial year?
  • Target Audience/s: Who is it you wish to target and are you on the right channels an doing the right activities to get in front of these people?
  • Marketing Assets: What do you have to work with in terms of marketing assets and what shape is it in right now? For instance when was your website launched? Does it rank on Google? What social channels do you have? Do you have a database? How often do you communicate with it? What about a CRM? Brand files? Brand guideline? Creative in the form of images and video content? This will give us a good idea of what you have and what you may need to fix up or create in the future (which we can also help with)
  • Marketing Activities: What sorts of activities are you currently doing right now? What ad spend are you allocating per channel? What return are you currently getting? Are you boosting any posts on social media? What amount are you allocating each post or each month? How many stories and reels are you posting as opposed to posts? What about email broadcasts? Are you proactively engaged with your database?
  • With this sort of information in hand, we will then obtain access to your marketing assets, and following the session, go and take a look at everything, making some notes on our observations and recommendations.

The final stage, is adding all of our observations and recommendations into a well presented document, and running you through it, giving you the opportunity to ask questions. From there you are free to go and implement our recommendations  yourself, or to contract us for some of the items you may need help with on a one off or ongoing basis. 

Take a look at our Marketing Strategy Packages here, and if you have any questions, Get in Contact with Us!

Take a look at our Audit only packages here:

Why Choose the End Of Financial Year to Review Your Marketing Approach?

The end of the financial year (EOFY) can feel like a frantic scramble accounting wise, but it’s also a prime opportunity to prepare for the financial year ahead. Too often we see so many businesses fall into the trap of continuing the same marketing tactics year after year, and allocating the same budget year after year, even if those tactics haven’t delivered the desired results and even if some marketing activities are having a direct impact on their revenue and they really should be increasing their marketing budget in the year ahead if they wish to grow!

Here at The Creative Collective, we believe in proactive planning and taking the stress out of everything. A well thought out marketing strategy for the financial year ahead is your secret weapon for maximising returns on your marketing spend in the coming year.

The benefits of an EOFY marketing strategy go beyond just increased sales and brand awareness. By outlining clear goals and outlining specific tactics, you’ll gain a newfound sense of direction and control. 
This translates into a more efficient use of your marketing budget, allowing you to focus on initiatives that deliver the biggest (ROI). Don’t let the EOFY be a time for marketing fatigue. Contact us to find out more.

Get the Skills You & Your Team Need While You’re At It Too!

If you want us to ‘show you’ and ‘not tell you’, what to do, our Training Department provides a range of options including one on one and small group consulting and training designed to teach and empower you with the skills you need. Whether you’re looking to brush up on social media best practices, delve into the world of SEO, master the art of email marketing, get going with AI within your company or learn all about Google Analytics & conversion tracking, The Training Collective can help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to thrive through our customised training solutions. 

Summary of a New Financial Year Marketing Approach…

Step into the new financial year with a clear roadmap to marketing success be that with a clear plan or new skills to drive your marketing. 

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to refine your marketing approach and propel your business forward.

We look forward to hearing from you.