The Creative Collective Sees Upswing in Demand For Mental Health Services Marketing

The Creative Collective Sees Upswing in Demand For
Mental Health Services Marketing

Media Release

Australia, Friday 9th September 2022: Award-winning, independent full service creative and marketing agency, The Creative Collective, has secured several new clients in the first half of this year and is seeing a growing trend for mental health services around Australia reaching out for marketing assistance in the wake of increased demand for its services.

The trend started in February this year, when The Creative Collective was engaged by Stride (formerly known as Aftercare), Australia’s longest-serving mental health provider. The partnership has seen Stride, a registered not for profit with 780 staff, enjoy a cost savings whilst reaching more people with their marketing by accessing The Creative Collective’s multi-disciplinary team.

Speaking about the partnership, Yvette Adams, Founder, The Creative Collective, says, “Following the pandemic, and in line with our company values, we are strategically seeking to work with purpose-led organisations that are doing meaningful and impactful work. Given the effects of COVID-19 on mental health in our country, it’s not surprising that we are seeing more demand from organisations in the not for profit, and in particular, mental health space seeking to be as efficient as possible with their marketing dollars, and to reach the people who most need the help.”

Drikus van der Merwe, CEO, Stride, says, “The Creative Collective has added a depth and breadth to our marketing capabilities as an organisation. As a for-purpose organisation, we must be highly disciplined in our expenditure and this arrangement has helped to reduce costs while increasing our impact in assisting the growing number tens of thousands of Australians now needing mental health support.”

The Creative Collective has also welcomed new clients, The Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association, TheMHS Learning Network who offer conferences, webinars, forums and awards for improving mental health services in Australia and New Zealand, Newcastle Anglican and The Samaritans who offer a range of community services in their respective regions.

Adams concluded, “We’re all about collaboration and where possible we are connecting these clients together so they can find common ground and support each other. We’re pleased to create a win-win situation in that our clients can access flexible, multidisciplinary marketing expertise without the fixed costs associated with hiring and developing an in-house team, and our team gets to collaborate with organisations that are making a difference.”