Making Your Blog Post Go the Distance

Making Your Blog Post Go the Distance

Okay, I have a confession to make.… You see, I haven’t been loyal to you and you only dear reader.… Every time you read my blog post, whilst I may make you may feel like that you’re the only person in the world for me, I have to confess that I have been sowing my seed elsewhere, through a range of tools that help any blog post I put up, go the distance.


Innuendo aside, if you are going to go to the trouble of writing a blog post, I figure you might as well get it in front of many eyeballs as you can.

So, let me share with you my inside secrets to syndicate my blog posts in multiple channels, helping it go as far as it can possibly go.


RSS Feeds

In an earlier blog post, I discussed what RSS Feeds are and how they can be a great way to let people receive content from you that they might be interested in. If you would like to know more about this, click here.
When it comes to making your blog post go the distance, I would recommend you establish an account called (owned by Google). It is relatively easy to set up and here is a video that talks you through this.
Basically, once established Feed Burner will distribute your blog to a bunch of channels which will instantly give it more reach. Not only that, but it also allows people to subscribe to your blog post and receive it the moment it goes out if you enable the email subscription option within the ‘publicize’ area inside Feedburner.
#2 Syndicate Social Networks
Once you have established a RSS feed link on Feedburner which will look something like or for our event listings; you could use one of several apps available to automatically post out to your social networks.
I have experimented with a number of these and have to admit some of them were quite problematic.
Here’s my spin on a few them and you can take what you’d like from it and implement based on your situation:

Social Baker’s RSS Feed

This is a free app within Facebook with an option to add it to your company Facebook page. If connected correctly with the Feed you created on feedburner, the moment you publish a blog post, it will also publish your blog over on Facebook. The idea is this is supposed to post blog posts to your wall but I have found that this is not always a sure shot. So, for this reason, I would not necessarily recommend it.

Networked Blogs

For quite some time time, I used networked blogs and they worked okay. But I think there are better options out there these days, which is why I moved away from them.

RSS Graffiti

this app is excellent if you have multiple Facebook pages that you control and own and multiple blog posts and RSS Feeds that you are trying to set up and syndicate out to different channels.
In my case for instance, we do a Creative Collective blog which I want to go out to the Creative Collective page as well as the Get Up to Speed, Accelerate and the Get On Track program pages on Facebook which we also run, all of which help in sharing information, helping people to get online and succeed online.
Separate from that, I also have an AwardsHub blog which syndicates directly to my Awardshub Facebook page. And then there are also projects and clients we work for.
For instance, currently we are managing the social media for the Digital Work Hub project, a really cool project that explores the viability of having co-working spaces in Southeast Queensland. Check out this cool project here.

IFTTT — If This Then That

My favourite and what I have found to be the most reliable of all to syndicate your blog posts out (once you have established Feedburner) is to use Set up an account, import your various social channels and then set up ‘recipes’ instructing the tool to syndicate RSS feeds (you insert the Feedburner link when prompted) to various social channels.
You can also customise how these appear when they post for instance you may like to insert ‘NEW BLOG POST:’ in front of the title of any given blog post going out, which will alert people on your social channels of the nature of your post. For those who like to follow your blog (and if a headline catches their attention), it will be a prompt to jump over and take a look at your latest work.
Whilst there is a bit of setup involved in all I have listed above, by putting some time in to start with, you will save yourself an enormous amount of time in th long run.
These days I place a blog post up and can sit back and relax and know it will soon appear on:
a) the front page of my website (it’s set up to feature latest posts in the footer area of the template)
c) my social channels
To set expectations, depending on the syndication tools you use, posts won’t appear instantly.
In fact I’ve known network blogs taking 24 hours to come through on my Facebook page.
If after 24 hours, it hasn’t come through, then you might need to run further tests and double checking you have established everything correctly.
If you get really stuck, it might be a good idea to bring in the techs. For instance, we do offer an hourly support and maintenance system, a list of packages of which you can see here.
By engaging us to help get you started, you will save time and can be assured that things are correctly set up so you can pick up and run with it from there.
I hope this blog post has given you lots of great ideas so you can work smarter and not harder with your blog posting, and I hope by syndicating your blog posts to Feedburner and the various social networks I’ve outlined, will bring you lots and lots of readers, commenters and shares.
Happy blogging!