Local agency meets growing demand for businesses using instagram

Local agency meets growing demand for businesses using instagram

When it started out, social media was deemed by many as a ‘waste of time’ and a place where people posted ‘their breakfast’ and ‘cute cat and dog videos’.

In 2008 local marketing agency The Creative Collective saw a business opportunity and seized it, and were one of the first on the market to offer social media services such as creating and managing Facebook business pages, later Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest and more as well as mobilising social media ad campaigns as they became available across the various networks.

Today, founder Yvette Adams says over 40% of their business revenue comes from providing social media services and that it is their fastest growing area of the business, and that her other training business The Training Collective are regularly contracted by business professionals and corporates all over Australia requiring social media training. Recently after seeing an increasing level of demand for businesses turning to Instagram to achieve business objectives, they have also launched instagram services.

“Instagram is currently the fastest growing social network with over 700 million global users, and at the rate it is rolling out new features, Instagrammers and marketers are being increasingly spoilt with more ways to market themselves on this powerful social media network,” says Adams who regularly speaks, trains and consults businesses across Australia and New Zealand on social media.

“Since Instagram rolled out the ability to convert Instagram personal profiles to business profiles in August last year and measure business analytics, we have increasingly been approached by businesses keen to either learn how to create and manage their own Instagram business accounts which we assist them with our sister company The Training Collective, or, as the market matures, to outsource their instagram and other social media requirements to agencies such as themselves.”

Adams says she has seen several revolutions play out during her ten years running the digital marketing agency as digital marketing and social media continues to evolve.

“First websites came along and people hung back and said they didn’t need a website, then later admitted they perhaps did and tried to make one themselves, before discovering they may need professional assistance and seeking us out.

“Next we saw people thinking they didn’t need to rank on search engines, then trying to achieve rankings themselves, and finally seeking agencies like us out for search engine optimisation services.

“Now we are seeing social media go through the same revolution. My feeling is that many businesses are now on social media and have created their own profiles and are attempting to self-manage them, but as time goes on, they are realising that to get real results you need dedicated focus, be consistent in creating a lot of content, and a commitment to constantly keeping up with best practice, new features and the rules governing use of social media for business, which not a lot of businesses necessarily have time for.”

Noticing a definite upswing in the level of enquiry for assistance on all forms of social media, but particularly for instagram assistance, and maintaining their reputation as a pioneer and leader in the national social media scene, Adams says they have been working hard internally and consulting their networks and clients to create and release new instagram marketing packages and that as far as she is aware, they are once again one of the first to market with these.

“Instagram is quite different to the other social networks, it’s very visual, it relies on hashtags and the use of multiple third party apps, and needs its own dedicated strategy to be done effectively. You need lots of high quality imagery and videography to work with, ideally authentic visuals which are not just stock images, so as part of our instagram services we’re also offering clients to have shoots just to create the quality and level of visual content they need to do Instagram well.”

The agency have already worked with international and national brands such as insurance group IAG in Sydney, Delsey Paris of Hong Kong, and Professional Skin & Beauty in New Zealand assisting them to develop Instagram strategies, providing training and instagram services, but say they are equally open to working with small businesses.

“We live and breathe this stuff and hope to take some of the pressure off businesses who see the potential of social media and are keen to work with experienced professionals to achieve good results.”

To find out more see: www.thecreativecollective.com.au/instagram-marketing-packages.

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