What I learned through interning at The Creative Collective – Samuel Fairbank

What I learned through interning at The Creative Collective – Samuel Fairbank

SEM, PPC, SEO, Adwords, SSL, hosting, back-of-house, front-of-house, HTML… the last two months have felt like a crash-course in a foreign dialect. But, aside from the new lingo, what is it that I’ve learnt from my time at The Creative Collective? Well, let me share how I came to TCC in the first place…

I’ve been working as a musician for most of the time since I finished high school here on the Sunshine Coast in 2013. Although I loved it and still do, it has a unique downside which has been the bane of my existence every time the university semester is over. The condition is called “I-have-way-too-much-time-on-my-hands-itis”. Not many people have it, but many seem to want it… Working for the most part on nights, mostly weekends, for a few hours at a time sounds dreamy doesn’t it? But 4 years later I was ready for something new…

I’d been studying Marketing and Music in Brisbane for 2017, and surprisingly found that I liked it… The marketing part that is. So I went on a search. Somewhere I could dive into the marketing realm head first. Somewhere who would take someone with as little knowledge but as much passion as me, and make something more of me. And low and behold, I found The Creative Collective.

And that all leads me to the point. Here is some things I’ve learnt from my time at TCC…


When you’re wondering what to do, do SOMETHING! Experience something, try something, go somewhere, learn something. Lesson #1 is that there are endless opportunities out there. If in doubt, find one, and do it! I may never work at TCC, I may or may never specialise in digital marketing, but I did something, I learnt something, I met some great people (quite a few), I achieved something, and that will be beneficial at some point. Find an opportunity, and take it.


If you didn’t notice in my backstory, the common theme throughout is that I didn’t know much. This didn’t stop me and it shouldn’t stop you. I learnt at the TCC that we can accomplish things that are beyond us currently. Don’t be afraid to try something new. This is just another facet of ‘Do SOMETHING’, but in the words of Roy T. Bennett — “The beginning is always NOW.” We all start somewhere. Don’t feel bummed that others seem to be ahead. We can always catch up. And even if we don’t, remember its not a race. I learnt here at the TCC that although digital marketing, SEO, Social Media and more isn’t my strong point, it can be if I invest the time and start somewhere.


This is one I’ve probably learned in hindsight. Talk more! Relationships developed, especially in a professional environment, are just as important as knowledge attained. Say “hi”. Smile. Ask a question. Share something. Be friendly. It makes anywhere you go a better place. I’ll work on that one…

Time for a thank you… Thanks to everyone at The Creative Collective! I’ve worked on and written blogs, talked with clients, helped develop strategies and marketing plans, and so much more. All things I would never have done otherwise, at least not yet.

You’ve all been so welcoming, we’ve had a few laughs, and you’ve taught me so much! I can honestly recommend an internship at TCC to anyone! Just do it!