Is your website working? How would you know?

Is your website working? How would you know?

Award winning creative agency The Creative Collective has announced its latest topic for its monthly Web Wednesday event — How to Self-Diagnose Your Website.

The agency’s director and event organiser Yvette Adams says that although many businesses now have a website, very few even know that they often have free in-built web statistics, or have the access codes or the know how to log in and see what is going on with the performance of their website.… 

“Sadly too many business owners still get live with their website and tick that job off the list. But the reality is that once you are live you need to not only conduct quite a lot of pro active marketing both online and offline to get the thing working, but you also need to keep a close eye on how it is performing so you can make the necessary changes until you start meeting your business objectives,” says Adams.

Adams says most websites do come with an in-built statistical program but that there are many free or cheap other resources that business owners or those responsible for the company website should be familiar with.

“Tools such as Google’s free Google Analytics system, Google Webmaster Tools and other free or cheap resources we will share with attendees on the night can give you phenomenal insights into how users find your website, what they do once they are there and what niche you are intentionally, or accidentally, carving out for yourself on the World Wide Web.…  This information is essential for you to know, particularly in a market where things may be on the decline so that you can identify any problem areas and quickly and easily make the necessary changes to get things moving in the right direction.”

Adams says that whilst professionals can of course be engaged to conduct website analyses or audits, she believes it is far more effective for the business owner or person responsible to take at least an interest in the affairs of their website so that if they need to, they can direct others as to what outcomes they are seeking, or even look to make any necessary changes themselves which she hopes the event will assist in achieving for the attendees.

The next Web Wednesday event is the second to be held this year and The Creative Collective continue to regularly attract sizeable numbers to their informal monthly events. The next event will be held on Wednesday 22 April at the Mooloolaba Surf Club at 5:30pm. Tickets are just $30 and can be purchased online at prior to the event.


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