Introducing our newest team members!

Introducing our newest team members!

We’ve recruited some new full time team members at the Creative Collective lately and thought it was time we introduced you to these awesome people who beat many candidates to secure a role at our Sunshine Coast office.


Graduating with a Bachelor of Marketing and Communications at the University of South Australia (DBMN) – including a Semester abroad at Colorado State University – College of Business; and a Bachelor of Oral Health at Adelaide University (BOH); Michelle struck an opportunity of a lifetime when she was selected in January 2013 for one of only 22 positions offered nationally to attend a Google Adcamp, at the Google headquarters in Sydney.

There she was taught by Google Sale leaders, who provided her with an in-depth introduction to the company’s advertising sales operations and client products and taught skills in effective public speaking, developing a creative advertising strategy and given the opportunity to make a final proposal to top personnel within Google.

From this she developed a solid understanding of digital marketing and how and what a marketing team must do to develop a winning sales pitch to clients.

Michelle then had a six-month stint as an international exchange student with Colorado State University, before moving on to a role with the ANZ incubator Innovyz START as a Marketing and Digital Marketing assistant. She further built her digital and project management skills working for the University of South Australia as an Advertising Coordinator within the Human Resources Recruitment division.

Michelle’s last stop off before The Creative Collective was working for global media intelligence company Meltwater as a Media & Business Development Manager where she was responsible for B2B relationships delivering media intelligence strategies and analytics to a range of clients, including NFP, private enterprise and government bodies

As an Account Manager operating from the Sunshine Coast office for The Creative Collective Michelle brings sharp skills in marketing, digital marketing, sales, communications and public relations for both internal and client facing projects.

In her downtime Michelle loves to travel and has backpacked through several citiies across multiple continents Her next dream travel experience is the Trans Siberian Railway through china, Mongolia and into Russia.


Brodie is currently fast tracking his career by completing a traineeship with The Creative Collective.

He graduated from Maroochydore State High School in 2015, having already completed a Certificate III in Business, a Certificate I Financial Services and a Certificate I in work education, and showing a keen interest in Information Technology studies. It was a natural progression for him to therefore move on to studying a Cert III in Information, Digital Media and Technology through the Sunshine Coast TAFE around working as a Web Developer & Technical Support officer from our Sunshine Coast office in Maroochydore.

Brodie is famous for wearing different novelty teeshirts to the office each day, and his love affair with mochachinos. He is being co-erced on a daily basis to take up real coffee but says he can’t live without a touch of chocolate at this point in his life.

In his down time Brodie loves gaming and visual design, and experimenting with photography and photoshop.


The good news is there are opportunities to work with The Creative Collective. The bad news is, we keep a lean, mean, internal team and have far more freelancing work than we do full time gigs.

Skills we are always looking for include:

1. Web developers with advanced WordPress experience

You will be able to work dynamically with other developers and project managers to tight deadlines. We have a high demand for our website in a day packages, so you must be skilled enough to work under pressure with good time management and communication skills, and ensuring client expectations are met, whilst working as part of a team.

You will have experience and an understanding of best practice in installing themes, customising themes, be aware of the best plugins and their capabilities, and know how to make a site look great and function beautifully with a strong understanding of the need for mobile responsiveness.

Custom development/programming experience also well regarded, as would be Adobe Business Catalyst experience.
We’re not just looking for people who can make a pretty looking website that looks like all the others out there. You must have a proven track record/portfolio to demonstrate your prowess and be able to prove you understand key marketing principles when it comes to web design, including search engine optimisation, social media, and the latest web design/development trends.

2. SEM PEOPLE – Ideally Google certified

Due to a continued demand for our services we are seeking SEO/SEM specialists with a proven track record who are completely up to date with best practice in SEO. As we are a Google Partner company, you ideally will have engaged in Google training/certification or would be willing to engage in it and pass the necessary exams to confirm your proficiency.

You will be able to work dynamically with our existing team and project managers to tight deadlines. You have good time management and communication skills, and always ensure client expectations are met.
You will have a go to list for link building/directory activity, highly experienced in both on page and off page SEO strategies, understand Local SEO principals and know your way around Google Analytics, Google My Business, Google Webmaster Tools & Google Tag Manager.

We’re not just looking for people who have just started with SEO. You must have a proven track record/portfolio to demonstrate your prowess and have worked with a range of businesses and industries, and be able to prove you are up with the latest trends and algorithm updates.


To be successful, you will have proven experience in digital marketing or social media and community management and social media advertising. You will have executed robust and impactful social campaigns that drove audience, engagement and business results.

We are ideally looking for individuals who also have commercial experience, who can adopt the right tone of voice, leverage knowledge to drive impact through channels and be a key member of our team to help our clients develop and implement the right social strategy to achieve business outcomes. Successful individuals will have high energy and passion, and a commitment to delivering excellence, as well as a pulse on social trends and a hunger to innovate.


We’re not looking for people who have a social media page and 2 followers. You must have a proven track record/portfolio to demonstrate your social media prowess and be able to prove you understand sales funnels and the full spectrum of social media advertising and how this interacts with social media posting including the latest updates. You should have experience developing lead pages and split testing to find the best conversion formulas. Marketing nous will go a long way in developing strategies to move audiences through a pre-defined sales funnel.

You must have good communication and time management skills, adhere to client budgets and pre-defined briefs.

DESIGNERS: Sorry but our books are currently full of designers. 🙂


Complete the form on this page of our website: Simple as that.

Please don’t:

Email us direct – it will just get lost in the mire. We seriously get hundreds per day. If you want to stand out, don’t email us!

Phone us – you’ll go straight to our call centre. We are so busy on projects we have people answer the phone for us. Sorry but even if you leave a message we generally won’t call you back unless we have a scheduled appointment together. And even then we have to agree to that appointment.

Pop in with your resume – you may get told to do this by your Mum and Dad but it’s so 1980s. It’s cute, but it doesn’t work on us. We are a digital company and we like digital applications. After all, paper kills trees.

Post us your resume – we do have a letter box. And we have been known to receive snail mail. But we check it pretty irregularly.  In fact insects have been know to make a home in our letterbox. And quite a comfortable one at that.

Ask to ‘have coffee’ with us – sorry but we don’t have time for casual coffees. We get offered to go for a coffee multiple times a day and to be frank we’re caffeinated enough.

So that’s it. Pretty simple really. Fill in the careers form.

We hope our directness doesn’t put you off. We’re a team on a mission and we’re always open to hearing from great talent, we just prefer if it comes through the appropriate channels.

In a way this is our first initiation for you. Can you follow an instruction an actually lodge an online form as directed? Yes? That’s a good start. We’d hope so if you want to work for a leading digital agency.