Instagram: No Longer A Photo Sharing App

Instagram: No Longer A Photo Sharing App

Instagram is no longer a photo sharing app

Earlier this month, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri posted a video to his Instagram and Twitter explaining that Instagram will no longer be a photo sharing app. It will soon transition to become a video sharing platform. 

Mosseri clarified the four new key areas of growth and focus within the app: creators, video, messaging and shopping. 

Why The Change? 

The decision to focus on video was based on research that shows the main reason people go on Instagram is to be entertained. This research has shifted Instagram’s views, and forced them to lean into video entertainment as a primary and preferred source of content. 

Instagram began in 2010 as a square photo sharing app, where users could post and interact with images posted by those they followed. Since then, it has blossomed into a multi-use platform for messaging, content creation and reaction, networking, shopping, advertising and entertainment. 

The new direction that Mosseri takes only emphasises that social networking sites need to adapt and evolve as media preferences change over time.  

Competitor Influence

Mosseri points out in his video that the change largely comes due to the increased popularity of major competitors TikTok and YouTube, as he and his team aims to learn from competitor’s successes and implement it into their own platforms to stay ahead in the game. 

As of this year, Instagram and TikTok each have one billion active monthly users, while YouTube has an astonishing 2.3 billion users. These statistics highlight just how important video content is.

TikTok was created in 2016, having only 5 years to grow into this large consumer base. In comparison, Instagram that was released in 2010. TikTok has grown in popularity much faster than Instagram has, meaning Instagram must innovate in order to compete.

Adam talks about how Instagram could potentially see “Full screen, immersive, entertaining and mobile-first video” in the future. This meaning creators will need to stay up to date with changes and implement video into their everyday content creation. These new types of media can be seen already within Instagram with new updates like Reels and IGTV. 

We highly recommend utilising all Instagram features including Reels, IGTV, Posts, Stories, Shop and Ads to implement different content types and strategies into your marketing activities.

What Will We See Change? 

Instagram will be testing out new features. This includes showing recommended content to users from accounts they do not yet follow. These recommendations will be based on topics and categories that the user can select. 

This idea of recommendation has already been seen in Instagram Reels and the Explore Page, however the idea of implementing recommendations based on categories that the user chooses is new to Instagram. 

This is a game changing positive addition that will give your organisation the best opportunity to reach a larger following and gain more genuine followers with a true interest in your service or skill. Now your content can be reached by large groups who do not even follow your account. Talk about growth! 

What Has Been The Response?

The announcement was met with mixed reviews, with many claiming that Instagram was moving too far away from the original market offering of photo sharing.

Despite the criticism, this is exciting news for businesses and content creators. The new updates will give users the chance to discover new content, brands, products and creators. 

Adapting with the climate and embracing change within technology and trends is vital for staying relevant in a saturated media environment. Instagram is actively attempting to welcome this. 

Our Thoughts and Advice…

TikTok is known for allowing people and brands to go viral through the For You page feature. It seems that Instagram will adopt this format with the recommended videos. This could result in YOUR business or product going viral! 

We predict that video content will continue to grow in popularity. Especially in short form, fast and entertaining formats. We strongly recommend implementing video content within your social media strategy  as it is highly engaging and has the potential to reach a larger audience.

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