I’m Thinking Of Doing A Pay Per Click Campaign – What’s Involved?

I’m Thinking Of Doing A Pay Per Click Campaign – What’s Involved?

A lot of business owners we meet understand the benefit of having a great logo, a good looking and highly functional website, and may be even doing some initial Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to get their website up and running. But not everyone we meet ventures into the area of Pay Per Click campaigns, which if you’re keen on seeing fast results online, we’d highly recommend you take a look at.

Google has a huge amount of market share in Australia, with up to 84% of people conducting their searches on Google. So it’s certainly a good network to start with. Google have become much more proactive in recent years, making available staff who you can actually contact (which was never the case in days gone by), who are available to help you set up your account and even manage it for you.

We’ve met many business owners who have also watched some help videos and given it a go themselves managing their Pay Per Click campaign. But time and time again, these same people are the ones who burn through money in quick succession and moan that that marketing strategy simply didn’t work for them.

As a company, The Creative Collective has years of experience when it comes to managing Pay Per Click campaigns for clients. The key value we can offer is that unlike the actual search network (i.e. Google), we’re not keen to grab as much money of you as we can. We’re keen to understand the wider marketing and business picture for your business, and to put together a campaign that has the best shot at succeeding.

Some clients will engage us to simply do some key word research of what words they could try to target if they were to move forwards with a Pay Per Click campaign, and we provide them with that research for them to implement. Other clients will get us to establish their Pay Per Click campaign, and with a little bit of training and hand-over, they will then move forwards with it.

However, our further and of course preferred option is where we actively manage the campaign on their behalf, because time and time again even with the best of intentions, we find clients don’t find that they are logging in as regularly as they should be to manage and monitor what’s actually going on, and to have the professional expertise and experience to know what to modify to get even better results.

Or goals are to get you best possible quality score; that’s a score out of 10. And if you can push it up to 10, you’ll enjoy much lower costs per click, and also to achieve the best possible conversions for you. So of those that see the ad, people clicking through (which is your CTR), and of those, people taking a set action on your website.

There’s no pulling the wool over anybody’s eyes when it comes to managing Pay Per Click campaigns. We’ll be able to tell you exactly how many people saw your ad, clicked on your ad, and from there took desired action on your website. Even if it’s calling a number or emailing you, we can track that too.

Understanding what’s going on at this granular level can give you incredible business insights, and can help you know what move to take next. Just one example is a local dentist who is now spending up to $3,000 on Google Pay Per Click per month, but who is certainly reaping the rewards with regular business coming through the doors as a direct result of their Google Pay Per Click spend.

Many of our clients have relinquished all Yellow Pages advertising and other offline advising in favour of Pay Per Click, especially because of the measurability and trackability.

If you would like to trial a Pay Per Click campaign with us (a minimum of three months commitment is required), we’d love to talk to you. Get in contact with us and we look forward to working with you.