How We Manage Instagram Accounts for Other Companies

How We Manage Instagram Accounts for Other Companies

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Recently a prospect who had reviewed our Instagram packages online asked us for more… detailed information, and specifically wanted to know how we manage our clients social media in terms of whether the client sends … photos which we upload or how this works.

We thought it worth sharing that our instagram or any other social media network management process has a few key stages:


We generally begin our work with any instagram or social media client by performing a strategy session where we will discuss your objectives, target markets , the current… approach, who in your team is involved and the roles they play, content development… approaches… currently (i.e. development of graphics + promotions/offers), workshop your content strategy, email marketing strategy, social media strategy and also gather all relevant elements such as usernames/passwords or being made an admin on relevant accounts so we can analyse them at a deeper level if there is an existing account.

We also use this session to setup/ensure we have a billing source for the account for the advertising component (essential for results) and to gather key marketing messages, imagery, videos & confirmation of call to actions.

Post the session we will prepare an action plan, proposed content calendar + budget per month over the next 12 months so you know exactly what it is required.

In terms of images / videos we have the following options available to us – the strategy session helps us work out which of these options, or combinations of options we will utilise:
– You taking photos or videos inhouse and sending them to us for upload
– You doing insta stories and us doing the photo/video posts
– Us sourcing imagery and sending to you for approval
– Us arranging an initial or regular photo or video shoot inhouse
– Us preparing image based graphics in line with your branding
A lot of the above will depend on what ‘image brand style’ we discuss and define for your business, which is a particularly important consideration when it comes to posting on Instagram on a clients behalf.


In this phase we will prepare imagery and ad copy for the agreed upon campaigns in which ever formats they are required for the first 2 weeks of content, and send these to you for approval. Nothing goes up without your review and approval.

After supplying two sets of two weeks of content, and when you are confident we have understood your brand and are representing it well, we will typically start preparing content 1 month in advance.


Once we’ve got your approval on the creative we supply, we schedule the content… and ctively monitor and manage the account seeing what posts are getting engagement This is especially important in the early months while we are getting to know your audiences and how they respond to the various campaigns/images/messages/calls to action.


On a monthly basis we would review the performance to date via a range of tools and supply a report for your review.

This would be followed up with a meeting to discuss results and plan for the month ahead, set an action plan for all parties and to freshen up the content ensuring we refine results and copy and ads remain current and relevant. On these meetings you can tell us what promotions you have coming up in store and we can get creative together.

Generally this process ensures that we are saving our clients tons of time in preparing and scheduling their instagram or other social media content and once we have been through this process, we are representing our clients in an authentic and on brand manner which really lifts their online game!
Want to talk to us about managing your instagram account or other social media? Check out our packages or get in contact!