How to start an online business

How to start an online business

Have you always wanted to start an online business? Do you roughly know what to do but not which order to do it in? Then this book is for you! In this eBook, the founder of The Creative Collective and multi-award winning business woman… Yvette Adams… shares the exact steps she used to start…, an online portal helping connect business owners to business awards they could enter.

Some of the steps are straight-forward such as writing a business plan.

Others are a little more out of the box and might make all the difference such as using pre-launch pages to gather a database before the site is even live.

In this eBook you will find out:

  • How important social media is in establishing your online business
  • How to work with web developers to get the desired result
  • Your options for getting help with the parts you can’t do yourself
  • What marketing materials you may need for launch
  • and much more!

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