How to market your local business on a budget

How to market your local business on a budget


We get many small business owners who would like to get some advertising/marketing happening but have no idea where to start. Some have a web page or website that they made an age ago, perhaps a social media network or two set up (Facebook is the most common) but guiltily their website hasn’t had a refresh in forever and they barely get around to posting on their social channels, though they really know they should.

In their own time, most come to the realisation that they don’t really have… enough time to do anything themselves either, so start to put their feelers out there to see what there is on offer.

For businesses in a set location, with a defined local audience we would generally recommend a local marketing strategy.

Which services we would recommend in the mix will really depend on the clients budget initially and ongoing. Most marketing needs to be ongoing to get traction however.

Some potentially suitable strategies could be:

1/ Create or update your Google My Business listing

Checking if you have a listing on here, and optimising it or establishing one if you do not is a good first port of call. We charge a one off set up fee for this which includes:

– Createing a Google My Business Listing page to help you rank on google
– Editing and uploading content including images to achieve 100% completion rating.
– Researching and identifying five keyword phrases to be targeted in categories and content

– All Google pages are LIVE upon setup
– Client has to provide everything before the job begins (wording, images, etc)
– If existing accounts are discovered, and further troubleshooting is required to get access, extra charges may apply as this can be an unforeseen and time consuming process.

2/ Search engine optimisation – SEO

Once you have a website which is modern and mobile responsive, (and depending what platform your website is on) we would recommend performing some search engine optimisation strategies to help your website be found on Google by people searching services you offer.
We generally recommend a minimum 6 month package for SEO and how many hours we perform per month depends on how competitive your market is i.e. how many other people who offer this service in your area are already doing this. We can only identify this with some research. We could do a SEO strategy to start with for $600+GST and then go from there.

3. Pay per click – PPC

Once your new site is live we’d also recommend doing some Pay Per Click activity to drive additional traffic to the site which will hopefully translate to enquiry for you (this depends a lot on how the website is designed and structured). There is a one off set up fee and then monthly packages for us to manage this for you + a budget required to give to Google. See here for more.

4. Social media posting + ads

For clients who are not currently very active on their social media channels, ensuring regular social media posting + running social media ads is something we can offer. You can read about our social media posting only packages here. If you are doing any social media you also need to do advertising to get any results. We would recommend a minimum of $300-$500/month to Facebook/Instagram also if you want to stick to boosted posts (which is a start) up to $1000 minimum if you want to get clever and go the way of Facebook Business Manager, re-marketing etc.

Apart from these services we can also offer a 1 or 2 hour marketing strategy session where we can go through all of the above, learn more about your business and then firm up a marketing plan and budget. This is at a cost of $250+GST/hour and can be done on Skype.

With all said and done, to give you a ball park of what budget you’d need to allocate, we’d say you probably need to invest around $2000 on Google My Business Set up + a SEO + Social Media strategy + PPC set up and thereafter around $1000-$1500/month to have some SEO/social media + PPC activity + spend net to Google + Facebook.

Whilst we can do just one strategy for as little as $275/month,…  the above is a good mid range point.

If you would like to discuss this information further, talk to us now!