How to invest in tech companies

How to invest in tech companies

If you are a regular reader of my blogs you’ll know that in May of 2013 I went to Silicon Valley and had the privilege of visiting 11 of the world’s best tech companies in just 5 days including the likes of Linkedin, Facebook, Eventbrite, Cisco, IBM just to name a few.

I have used many of these companies solutions for a very long time. You could call me an early adopter. Even amongst the most techie of my friends and contractors, I am often the one giving them tips on new technologies I am currently using and enjoying and often these grow into very successful companies. Call it a good nose for technology that is going to fly.

With this in mind, I’ve been keen to invest in these sorts of companies but without any friends or family members who were actively investing in shares and in particular, American tech companies, I simply didn’t know where to start…until I found eToro.

Because I use so much technology every day if I am going to get into investing, given I have the attention span of a goldfish it has to look pretty and it has to be easy to use. The eToro interface is awesome, in fact one of the best I’ve seen. It has cleverly combined social media integrations, like the abilty to sign up and log in with your Facebook account, and the ability to notify your social networks (if you want to) what you are investing in. In short you can get up and running very quickly.

From there you can invest as little as 1 share which will obviously vary in price depending on the cost of the shares per company (as an indication Facebook is currently sitting at $51 a share at the time of writing, and Google tipped the scales at $1000 a share this week setting a record high for the 15-year-old Internet company that went public in 2004.

Obviously professional share traders would attack investing in tech stocks completely differently from someone like me. They would likely analyse and forecast trends based on formulas and their experience in trading. Me? Well I simply be really familiar with the technology, the management and the future plans of that technology which I do as par for course of what I do every day and invest in ones that I think have a bright future.

So far, despite the US announcing their default on their massive debt problem, my shares have not gone down in six months.

There are many features of eToro I am yet to explore, but for now I am happy having a dabble and encourage you to explore this opportunity too. Sign up for an account now here: If you use this link you will get a free $20 gift card + $50 eToro Credits.… … Happy investing!