How to incorporate your social media into your marketing and promotions

How to incorporate your social media into your marketing and promotions

Whilst you may be on the social media networks, you could be missing out on legions of new followers and likers if you don’t incorporate your social networks on all your print media and marketing collateral. Here are a few pointers on how to do so:

Secure your username across networks

Whether you are using multiple social networks or just one (or even none!) it is a good idea to secure all the usernames associated with your brand…before someone else does. To find out whether your desired username (which should be short, sharp and memorable and closely, if not exactly in line with your business name) is available, go to and search. It’s free, quick and easy to do. Identify any networks you think you will use, or would prefer someone else not to use, and go ahead and secure them by going to the individual networks and creating an account. Even if you don’t use it immediately, its good brand protection for future purposes.

When it comes to social media, I would highly recommend securing your username on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Linkedin currently only lets you secure your desired username for your own public profile URL (i.e. I have but not for Linkedin Companies or Linkedin groups. But watch this space as I think it could be (and should be) coming.



Secure your vanity URL

A vanity URL is incorporating your username in the URL of your social media page Facebook, Myspace, Twiter & Youtube…  offer vanity URLs to their users. Twitter lets you have your desired URL from the moment you sign up. Facebook on the other hand requires your company page to get to 25 likes before you can apply for a vanity URL.

To achieve the 25 likes required, there are a number of business groups on Facebook and other networks such as (a group for Queensland business owners) where you can become a member and ask for likes (it’s actually one of the core benefits of the group). At least then they won’t all be family and friends!

Once you have your lucky 25 likers, you can then hop over to and type in the username you require and link it to the business page you wish. Beware: you will not be able to edit or transfer this username once you set it so type carefully!

Once you have your desired vanity URLs, you are ready to promote your social networks via the media and your marketing collateral….


TV Ads

Over the years I have seen an evolution in TV advertising. … We have gone from seeing commercials which feature just an address (where businesses had shop fronts and wanted walk ins — remember those golden days? J) to an address and phone number (remember we were told to ‘let our fingers do the walking) to a phone number (usually landline) and later 1300 numbers. Finally websites came about and businesses began to feature 1300 numbers and websites.


Pity the poor person who isn’t yet using the internet (I met one last week!) as many businesses now only feature their website. More recently businesses have got even savvier and started including their Facebook pages, sometimes in conjunction with their website, and other times instead of.

One of the first instances I saw this was an ad I saw run on Sunrise morning show. Sunny Eggs did a clever ‘vote for Sunny the Egg’ Facebook campaign in the lead up to the 2007 election where they promoted all politicians were ‘eggs’ anyway so why not vote for Sunny?! … All promotions and traffic were driven back through their Facebook page — very clever, very interactive and very ‘community’ orientated if you ask me.

So is your Facebook vanity URL on your TV ad? Do you think you should add it? Tell me what you think in the comments below.


Radio Ads

Radio I feel is experiencing something of a renaissance ever since the advent of social media. Clever stations are harnessing the power of social media by driving their listeners to their Facebook pages for promotions and competitions, thus capturing their details and staying connected.…  As a result, many are achieving quite large numbers of likers on their Facebook pages without too much effort at all.


Whether they are a talkback station or not, Facebook also provides the perfect platform for radio station listeners to ‘voice’ their opinion. And voice it they will and do! Even if they would not feel comfortable being ‘live on air’ to share a story or provide an opinion, many people are happy to sit behind their screen in the comfort of their safe home or workplace and enter competitions, tell the station what music and announcers they like, interact with other listeners and so on.

Despite all the opportunity, I don’t think many stations or networks truly understand the power of social media or have even scratched the surface of how they can be using it to get better results for their clients….yet.

I think perhaps the biggest opportunity for radio show stations is in integrating radio campaigns with local search marketing campaigns, that is encouraging people to check in via Foursquare or Facebook Places to clients who have physical shop fronts— which is often the mainstay of radio advertisers – so the results of the radio campaign can be tracked

So it is up to you dear business owner to have the nous to ask your radio account exec to include your social media networks and/or location based marketing shout outs into your next radio campaign. It’s highly unlikely they’ll suggest it to you, they’re just doing what they’ve always done.


Print Ads

I currently work quite closely with a print magazine, providing them advice and strategies on online related matters.… …  They’ve come a long way with their online strategy which they agree is definitely contributing to the success of the magazine which has almost doubled in page count in 12 months because of interested advertisers. … Having worked in newspapers and print for a long time, I believe a strong online strategy is crucial to the success of anyone working in print these days. … Whilst many a printed publication is going out of business, there are an army of new publications being established online too.


Some of my suggestions for this company over time have included establishing on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, including or sharing links on each of their online pages and more recently, ensuring the company Facebook and Twitter links are featured on the front of the printed magazine, thus growing their potential for effective engagement with their readers in between issues.

When you are next putting together a print advertisement or proofing one, ask to see your social media networks incorporated along with your other key contacts. Even trial it as your main call to action and see if you get better results.




Business cards

This week we got new business cards.…  Whilst it had been a while since we did a print run for ourselves and the business card design certainly needed a refresh, the main reason to get a new run was to ensure our social media networks were clearly outlined on our cards.

You’ll note in the image we’ve chosen to list all traditional media down one side and all our social networks down the other, giving them equal prominence. You’ll also note we’ve written out the /social media usernames, not presuming that people will be able to just find us, and besides, not all of our social media networks are blatantly obvious i.e.



Whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of including iddy bitty social media icons in the footer of your website page, unless you don’t really want anyone to visit your social networks.

Feature them as prominently as you can manage, without compromising the priority of other elements of your overall website design. Where possible (and relevant) look to incorporate social media feeds. You’ll note our website features a suite of our social media networks top right (top real estate on any website) and our twitter feed just under this, providing regular quick headlines/digests of what we are doing, successes, inspiration etc. It helps keep the website fresh and keeps people coming back for more. Similarly you’ll note we choose to include a Facebook Like box. This clever piece of technology (available from
) recognises web users if they are already logged into Facebook and displays faces and names of people the user knows, instatnyl inducing trust and encouraging the user to ‘like’ your Facebook page too.

If you want help with which social media plug in might be best for your website and where to put it in the scheme of things, don’t hesitate to get in touch.




I love this picture of a pizza joint in New Orleans that actively promotes its Twitter profile and often use it in my social media training sessions. In short, this quaint but clever pizza joint set up in Twitter and quickly sought to follow as many people in New Orleans as they could find. In no time at all they had a large number of followers (up to 13,492 as of today) whom they can now quickly and easily send ‘Twitter Only’ specials to. No need for marketing companies, ad execs and expensive campaigns here. Just direct marketing to their customer base at its finest. I can’t say I’ve seen anyone in Australia take the lead on incorporating social media into their signage in such a big way yet, but prove me wrong and send me a picture of someone you’ve seen doing it on either our Twitter account or our Facebook page



Send us YOUR samples!


I hope this post has given you some food for thought and a few ground rules on how you could be incorporating your social media networks with your media and marketing collateral.

We’d love to see some examples of what you’ve done differently as a result of reading this post.


Upload your samples of media or collateral which features your social networks in a prominent way to our Facebook page at