How to get your crowdfunding campaign supported by the platform you’re using

How to get your crowdfunding campaign supported by the platform you’re using

Many of you will remember that earlier this year we were part of a very successful crowdfunding campaign, working with Nextear – the world’s smartest wireless ear phones. We’ve since earned ourselves a real name in the crowdfunding marketing space and are excited to be working with more crowdfunding projects. Recently we received a question from a client we are working with which we thought might be worth sharing which is: “How… can you get your crowdfunding campaign supported by the platform you’re using?”

Everyone has the chance to find real estate on the main page of the Indiegogo platform as well as kudos through their social media channels and this is all determined by the campaign. The Indiegogo platform have what is called the ‘gogofactor’ an algorithm that tracks activity — everything from how much gets funded on your campaign page, to promotions, comments and how frequently you update the campaign.

That means that as the campaign owner you can contribute to the campaign through things such as frequency of updates, number of videos, the number of team members as part of your campaign but this leaves the other 50% of factors up to the external activities (pageviews, number of funders, % of goal completed). And remember, your position in the gogofactor chain is relative to how other campaigns are driving their activity so if you launch at the same time as a range of other kick-arse campaigns, your campaign will be that little bit harder.

Once you’ve climbed up the ranks in their tracking system they will shout you out on their homepage, include you in their weekly newsletter, push you out onto social media channels and placement in some of their press initiatives in global publications. We enjoyed all of this except the global publications – we achieved global press coverage ourselves for Nextear.

So our response to this question would be to keep active on the campaign and keep talking to Indiegogo on Twitter or Facebook and don’t forget to keep checking their blog for more tips.

We hope this helps!

Of course, talk to us if we can assist you with your crowdfunding marketing campaign, or watch this one hour webinar where we explain exactly how we achieved the results we did with Nextear… (scroll down to the bottom of the page).…