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Graphic Design & Printing Services

Our graphic design division provides a professional graphic design service from conception of brand concepts and design ideas right through to finished print jobs. Our edge is that it won’t just be a ‘pretty picture’. You’ll be dealing with people who understand all facets of graphic design and how it relates with your overall online and offline marketing and business strategies.


  • Brand Strategy Sessions
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Style Guides
  • Brand Manifestos / Key Messaging
  • Business name strategising

Design Collateral

  • Business Cards & Stationery Design
  • Flyers & Brochure Design
  • Capability Statements
  • Annual Reports
  • Signage
  • Package


  • Business Cards & Stationery Printing
  • Flyers / Brochures
  • Presentation Folders
  • Speciality items such as duplicate pads
  • Custom Printing needs

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Good graphic design is the foundation of sharp marketing!

The Creative Collective have been offering graphic design and print services since our inception in 2007.

Over the years we have worked with hundreds of clients on brand strategies, designing their brands from scratch, brand refreshes, brand style guides, and brand roll out, preparing everything from business cards to stationery, presentation folders, capability statements, annual reports, prospectuses, books, cards and invitations and more! We pride ourselves on creating designs which involve ‘creative intelligence’ meaning that it’s not just about putting something on a screen or on paper.

There’s a concept behind the design, some real creativity and overall cleverness with each and every design we create.

We’re also quite wholistic in our approach. Before we commence any work we’ll undergo a thorough briefing process, taking the time to get to know you and your brand, who your target audience/s are, what the intended use/s of the design is, what other brand assets you already have, and add value wherever we can.

With over half a dozen designers on our team, each with varying industry and design experience, we will handpick which designer works on your project by matching your vision for the design with the designer who is best suited to achieve that design.

We also aim to make the design and print process easy for you. You’ll no longer need to understand the difference between a PDF and a JPEG, or your dots per inch to your pixels. Working with professional vector based programs; Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator & Adobe InDesign as well as Canva on request, our graphic designers can create designs for you in any required format.

We’re also big on protecting your brand through appropriate brand protection such as trademarks and house style guides so that once we do graphics work for you, forever after you have a clear guide on how to maintain a consistent corporate identity.

Brand Strategy Sessions

Starting from scratch? We can conduct a brand strategy session and assist with business names, availability and positioning. These sessions are instrumental in exploring the brands cape you will operate in and intimately understanding your target market.

Brand Design

We design brands and logos that speak to your personal or business brand. We do this by getting to know what it is you want to communicate. Our highly experienced graphic designers take into account colour, typography and imagery to make the elements work together for greatest impact. The main purpose of a logo is to identify your brand as distinct from others in the same market place. It becomes the signature of your business. A good logo becomes a tangible asset for a business, and communicates it’s message and values. It’s important that a logo can be printed at any size, and be effective in monochrome or black & white.

Brand Style Guides

There are basic brand style guides which are just a couple of pages of colour palettes and typography, and there are comprehensive brand style guides which expand on the proposed journey of your brand to document and unify how you present on – not just traditional channels such as print, but in the digital age we live we consider your website, social media, and more. Things such as the imagery you use on social media and hashtags need to be considered, as does the imagery and copy on your website. Do you have a brand style guide? Does it communicate all of this. If you are serious about looking cohesive and professional, you need a comprehensive brand style guide to ensure all of your brand style elements work together for greatest impact, whatever the medium.

Marketing Collateral

Professional marketing collateral will be ‘on-brand’ and effectively communicate your messages to your audience.

We have extensive experience designing all sorts of documents and formats including business cards, stationery, presentation folders, capability statements, annual reports, prospectuses, visual identity kits, duplicate or triplicate pads, books, bound documents and cards/invitations, to name a few!

Given our intimate knowledge of the printing process, we can also advise and design your collateral in a way that will be most cost efficient for printing, if that’s a requirement.


We have a range of wholesale printing partners giving us access to fast turnaround times and cheaper rates than you could otherwise get from a retail printer. There are price efficiencies if you are wishing to print standard items such as business cards, flyers or stationery. However, if your job is a little more custom, we can also quote and arrange this.

We deliver all over Australia or Internationally.

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